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March 6th 2013 in Microfiction

Joey ate over at the Hanson’s about twice a week. They were the kind of family that had a billion magnets on their fridge, and every magnet held up a note that fluttered when you walked by. On Wednesday night, he stopped at the fridge coming back from the bathroom and read a couple: “Blood is not for barter” said one message; “Do not corrupt the destinies of others” said another. Joey paused, suddenly wanting to sprint from the house out the back. It was pizza night, though (his favorite), so he decided to figure it out tomorrow.

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“O, Reviled One, I’ve called you here to make a deal: whatever you usually take for 80 awesome years added onto the 14 I’ve already lived (that’d put me at … 94 … which is super old, but kind of cool). I want whatever I want, starting with froggin’ wads of cash and some cool […]

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“We should be doing more than just sitting around,” Aaron said curtly, sick of the retreat already (on Day 2). “Deep breathing is terrific, but what the world needs is action and plenty of it.”  The master smiled. “When you sit long enough, your loneliness will come for you and, for the first time, you […]

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