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March 7th 2013 in Microfiction

“We should be doing more than just sitting around,” Aaron said curtly, sick of the retreat already (on Day 2). “Deep breathing is terrific, but what the world needs is action and plenty of it.”  The master smiled. “When you sit long enough, your loneliness will come for you and, for the first time, you will understand its depth and power to paralyze.” Aaron cast his eyes to the ground. “Then and only then,” the master continued gently, drawing near, “will you begin to climb up from those depths, taking others with you. This will change the world as nothing else truly can.” The old man put a hand on his shoulder and left him to it.

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Joey ate over at the Hanson’s about twice a week. They were the kind of family that had a billion magnets on their fridge, and every magnet held up a note that fluttered when you walked by. On Wednesday night, he stopped at the fridge coming back from the bathroom and read a couple: “Blood […]

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Isabel heard the wind pick up, crying under the eaves and rattling the windows on the north side of the house. Moments later, she heard her father’s shuffling footsteps in the hall, pausing for a long time outside of their room before moving down and down into the basement to start the sharpening wheel. Isabel […]

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