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The hotel called Karma Cab for them and the bright yellow car was at the curb within moments. Once inside, Marjorie felt slightly dizzy and saw the driver looking at her in the rearview mirror, his smile bright. “You will be as a leper in ancient times” came his voice inside of her head, sending a picture of her face in 2 years (covered in sores, cheeks sunken, no teeth) – long after she’d used the meth she bought earlier in the day. Paul was having a hard time breathing; the driver’s eyes met his through the mirror as well. “The truly evil live apart without joy” came the voice, as he clearly imagined his life on death row after Marjorie’s murder (no stay of execution, his last meal served on a plastic plate). Back from their ride around the block, they stumbled out of the cab, disoriented and eager to rest. “No charge!” Vishnu called out happily. “See you at the end of the world!”

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