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March 26th 2013 in Microfiction

When the translation apparatus had been perfected and strapped to the two lead dolphins, the conversation started urgently. “Thank Leviathan! There is no time!” Dora buzzed. “We can save some of you, but only some; 4 or 5 per pod,” Tagen nodded excitedly while staring intently into the eyes of his trainer. “As the breathing world comes to an end, you will need gills and shields for your freshwater eyes; we will share the instructions for the surgery and raw materials with you.” “You must hurry. Please hurry,” Dora crested up out of the water and pointed out to sea. The trainers sat silently, stunned.

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She turned the heat down to medium and lifted the lid; the beef was well on its way to overcooked.  Sighing, she also noticed a distinct lack of onion and no bay leaf in sight. “Well, honestly,” she whispered, putting in a small pat of butter, a little broth (to keep the thing from being […]

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“Oh, man!” the time traveler exclaimed, clearly awestruck. “I can’t believe it’s YOU!” “But we have never met,” came the reply. “Well, it must be an alternate universe thing, because I’ve seen you on TV where I come from,” the traveler went on. “You were my favorite character and now you’re real!” A moment of […]

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