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April 25th 2013 in Microfiction

“I want to say it again: no one is getting laid off,” Mr Larson spoke into the mic at the factory, all 164 nervous employees in attendance. He glanced over at Mr Omdo, the Voodoo houngan, who was already quietly invoking Papa Legba. “In fact,” Mr Larson continued, “It wouldn’t surprise me if you all worked here forever!” They clapped and smiled and he smiled back.

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They had always known, of course. Why else would there be an angry person or mob set against them in every town (which, for any other reason, wouldn’t make any sense)?   How could he disappear for hours at a time when they were packed into every car, bus, train, and rocket like sardines?  What […]

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“And, just for the record,” he said, turning to the board, “I have a No Bullying policy in this class – and in this school, actually.” He wrote, “NO BULLYING!” under his name and, as he did so, he heard that rat-faced kid in the third row start drumming on his desk. Dr Banner smiled. […]

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