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July 17th 2013 in Microfiction

The Lorax changed when he moved to Fangorn Forest; the stillness suited him, but the darkness began to seep inside. As strangers approached, he would call out, “The problem’s nearly insurmountable!” and, if they continued closer, “I hold all of you accountable!”. The ents got a kick out of him, but feared he would eventually abandon reason for madness.

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When little Zu’s condition turned for the worse, Ann went to see her family. Zu had loved coming to the pet hospital and the animals seemed to calm and settle the very minute she arrived. Chewing on her favorite Nilla wafers, she would go to every cage and speak words of love and comfort. Ann […]

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Responding to a growing demographic, Disney took to the storyboards and produced a zombie princess fairytale. They were (predictably) criticized both for their lack of sensitivity to the families of plague victims and to the living-challenged themselves (for idealizing their look and behavior for the sake of marketing). Just as predictably, however, the film’s theme […]

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