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December 10th 2013 in Microfiction

She told them everything: the missing strangers, the cannibalism – the dreadful secret behind the holiday roast beast. The plan had been to pin it all on the Grinch, but she had betrayed the town elders to the authorities and warned her friend. He fled back into the mountains with the little dog while she entered the protection program. Sometimes, the former Cindy Lou slept well in her small apartment in central Florida, but most nights she woke up screaming thinking someone was in the kitchen singing, “Fah who for-aze! Dah who dor-aze!”

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The Ghosts of Christmas Past and Future staged an intervention for Present, who’d become obsessed with Black Friday sales, political argument, complaining about his weight, and asserting that most people and things in the world were most assuredly crap. The turning point came when Ignorance and Want stepped forward. “I’m learning nothing from you,” the […]

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Floyd sat there, staring at the tree with wonder and delight, his tail wagging absent-mindedly. The chihuahua devil in its red collar whispered on his right shoulder, telling him to drink all of the water in the stand, pull on the lights, throw some ornaments around, and then have a relaxing pee behind the couch. […]

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