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December 23rd 2013 in Microfiction

“You always look so well rested,” a young vampire in the second row observed enviously. “A simple combination of logic and intent,” Dracula pointed out to the class, whose dark circles gave their glowing yellow eyes a brighter, more disturbing intensity. “When you awake, hit the coffee and donut shops first; this will help you shake off Coffin Torpor and energize. Closer to dawn, move to the bars and large private parties in the suburbs for a relaxing nightcap. Stay away from caffeine unless you really want to come home and stare at the lid for hours and hours.”

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The Lexicon is as frustrating as it is fascinating. Here, all text falls away leaving only vague images with no clues or guidance. Researchers are being asked to provide any assistance they can based on their experience with the book.

What is the caption for this photograph?

(Photograph by Hellen Van Meene)

Tansy’s answers:  Their crime would be […]

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The flight attendants loitered expertly, eavesdropping but not appearing to do so. Phil, whose little brother was born deaf, translated the sign language that the ancient twins placed into each other’s delicate, papery palms. “What do the Cloud People say this time?” “They say: do not be fooled when life is hard – when the […]

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