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December 25th 2013 in Microfiction

Christopher and Amelia drove silently through the deserted town, their tension growing. It wasn’t a thriving metropolis, but it was Christmas and surely someone was about … on Main Street, at the gas stop, at the bar? Speeding through the next light, they arrived at the house to find every single light on and the place packed with people. Everyone lined up at the windows appeared to be heavily¬†armed. “Glad you made it,” Uncle Ted said, getting up from his lawn chair, rifle still in hand. He was wearing snow pants and boots, red long underwear accessorized with the world’s largest costume jewelry crucifix, and a Santa hat. He handed the kids a large garbage bag. “Best to take these presents and just keep going. We’ve had some trouble here.” “Uh …,” Christopher began, dazed and moving slowly to hand over their own bag of gifts. A shadow detached itself from some trees and began to move across the street followed by shouts and a rain of bullets in that general direction. Amelia screamed. “Thanks, kids. Now, get back to the road and drive like hell. Don’t stop. No cops left to worry about. Merry Christmas.” As they sped away, they half expected a crowd to block their exit and reveal the elaborate plank, but there was no one – no one for miles.

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