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December 27th 2013 in Microfiction

Burgess put the papers carefully upon the desk. “This is impossible. Sorcerers? Druids? Magic and madness in World War II?” “I know it seems far-fetched,” Thrombold answered, “but Churchill’s private papers cover only what lengths the Allies went to.” “You’re having me on,” Burgess grinned tightly until two other folios were placed in front of him. “The Russians have released their documentation after much begging and the usual promises; the Japanese won’t be coerced, but there have been strategic leaks within open channels. The Germans want a secret summit where they can address some of the global questions raised in their research.” Burgess froze, unable to open either folder. Thrombold placed a bottle of scotch and two glasses on the blotter. “For now, old friend,” he said gently, “stay away from the chapters on the Angels of Dominion and the Demons of War.” Silence filled the room.

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Claus and Krampus shared their traditional spiked nog in front of an open fire at the North Pole. “Another successful year!” Santa observed. “And I can’t help but congratulate you on your remarkable rise in popularity. Long overdue!” “Thanks! Yeah,” Krampus mused and nodded, “I’m not sure how all of that came about, but it’s […]

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“As we regress you, I’ll take notes about your various lives and we’ll discuss anything that isn’t clear when you awake,” the therapist had said. When Carolyn awoke, however, there was no one in the office; in fact, it looked like the doctor and all of his staff had fled. Confused and frightened, she went […]

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