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December 30th 2013 in Microfiction

Leon laid in bed giggling. He was tempted to leap out and run to his grandma’s room to tell her about the old man, but he knew the rules: wake up prayers, bathroom, get dressed. They didn’t speak about the gift. Later on, at the grocery store, Leon felt that certain kind of heart tingle that he got, and approached a woman over by the salad dressings. “Scuse me, ma’am,” he said very politely and began to tell her about the man who had come to him. “He looked like Nelson Mandela and was wearing the white suit from ‘Saturday Night Fever’; he was laughin’ and dancin’; he said his name was Calvin.” Her eyes grew large and filled with tears. “You don’t have to worry, ma’am. Your daddy’s in a good place. He took all his happy with him.” The stranger hugged Leon then, thanking him profusely. Leon’s mother grabbed him firmly by the arm and steered him over to the meat section silently. He wouldn’t be punished, but they wouldn’t speak about the gift.

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What is the caption for this photograph?

Tansy’s answer:  The house weathered but never fell, so they left it alone. It was always the Dust Bowl inside: dry air rushing across plain, worn surfaces, open but uninhabited. Surely, it was some kind of warning.

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