Tansy Undercrypt
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December 31st 2013 in Microfiction

The Life Bar opened its opulent doors to the street, glowing with light and pulsing with music. Golden glitter blew gently onto the walkway outside. The placard in front read: “All are welcome! DJ Memories is here to spin the hits one last and final time, while Honesty and Wisdom are standing by to serve you in style. An expanded menu of our legendary cocktails – called Answers – is available (mixed by none other than Courage himself), so get the ones you are seeking … FREE OF CHARGE! Open for as long as we care to be; for those brave enough to truly live, time is of no consequence!” An eager crowd formed at the edge of the street staring longingly inside, but only a few were brave enough to enter.

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Leon laid in bed giggling. He was tempted to leap out and run to his grandma’s room to tell her about the old man, but he knew the rules: wake up prayers, bathroom, get dressed. They didn’t speak about the gift. Later on, at the grocery store, Leon felt that certain kind of heart tingle […]

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Cthulhu moved to the edge of the pit where the young shoggoth played, tired and a little distracted. Upon seeing him, a great chorus of gibbers and hoots and squeaks arose, with some of the older ones piping, “The Terror Beyond Time!”, “The Madness Out of the Abyss!”, “The Cosmic Horror!” and other names and […]

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