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March 4th 2015 in Microfiction

As the wild horses slept (courtesy of a mild sedative in the planted feed), they got to work checking them over, recording the tags, and giving treatment for minor ailments and injuries. Monty and Tish nodded at each other and each tied some tissue tags to the tails by the thinnest possible threads; they would […]

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March 3rd 2015

Jacobsen walked the construction workers through the blueprints personally, leading a small line of people through the basic frame. “No basement, which means no creatures or escaped killers,” he began. “No attic and no staircase – too much can go wrong there.” Several of the crew exchanged glances. “No full walls of windows or sliding […]

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March 2nd 2015

Mrs. Chin smiled broadly. “1pm. Yes. Heavy vacuuming. No problem. Yes. Thank you.” After hanging up, she moved the order form into her sorter for the week; almost two cleaning jobs per day for the next month. Another year like this and she’d be ready to retire, moving to Florida to be with her sister. […]

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February 28th 2015

On Vulcan, there was no day of mourning. The announcement had been made and appropriate reflection on the contributions of the individual occurred, but that did not seem to satisfy the human contingent (those studying and teaching in the various sciences). They held a memorial service in the evening, ridiculous as some had never met […]

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February 27th 2015

Ulev packed the cart and readied the horse. The war would be on his doorstep in three days’ time, so he would leave tonight, taking the smaller roads along the river. He walked up the hill to say goodbye to family, singing the old songs again, and raising them just long enough to shake their […]

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February 26th 2015

Brian lingered at the window, watching Alice spray her hair, pour a glass of wine, and sit down at the table carefully. She smoothed the tablecloth and sighed, smiling nervously. Brian smiled, too. He willed himself to dissipate, moving under the house to the floor of the dining room. As soon as Alice put her […]

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February 25th 2015

Aunt Lois took Kathryn by the hand. “If you happen upon a field that has bloomed with lush flowers overnight, steer clear of it, for that is where the Sidhe are gathering.” She paused a moment and brushed a stray hair from the girl’s forehead. “And if you are caught in the field as it […]

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February 24th 2015

Doug sighed as he looked at the screen. So many wonderful people – attractive, interesting, fun, and charming people – who wanted to meet to see if there was a connection. He sighed again. “Match.com let you down, buddy?” Doug’s roommate, Trevor, asked with a smirk. “Maybe you should try eHarmony.” Doug shot him a […]

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February 23rd 2015

“Tiffy was my everything, as odd as that might seem to someone like you,” a soft, frail voice said as Cantrell came around. “She was almost blind, mostly deaf, and didn’t see you that day (couldn’t get out of the way).” Cantrell became aware of the duct tape across his mouth and the ropes that […]

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