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Letters from Management #36

October 23rd 2016 in Microfiction

Dearest Mary, You are young and headstrong and clever as the day is long, but we must revisit your plans for the future and this writing business. Please bring a cool temper with you to dinner tonight. We must sit and talk about the whole of your life and how you plan to live it […]

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October 22nd 2016

“Here,” the angel said. “Stand here. Push the button to collect what is lost and make it found.” Beatrice pushed the button, utterly confused about what she was doing, but not wanting to appear stupid. And there they were. All of the love letters that had failed to reach her – promises, apologies, desperate yearnings, […]

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October 21st 2016

The winter trees, dry and bitter, cracked with memory and twisted with sorrow or rage, rose up and claimed the coming season. In the forest, the others retreated, afraid and needing rest to regain their suppleness and sense of hope. The coming darkness was a time to stay indoors, but the villagers rarely listened to […]

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October 20th 2016

“I was thinking of taking heavy philosophy and rhetoric the first year – get right into it,” Johnson said, leaning forward excitedly. “We are aware of your aspirations to bureaucracy and in no way wish to hinder you, although you tested low on the Greek and Latin language competencies necessary to “get right into it” […]

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October 19th 2016

“And you?” the instructor asked. “Why do you do yoga?” “Well, it started on a dare, like a lot of the stuff I try,” he responded. “I had dismissed it as something absolutely not-for-me.” He smiled and tried to settle into the pose. “The thing is … work is really stressful and I just needed […]

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October 18th 2016

“Once upon a time,” the elfmother read, “the Nonmagicals, in their grim, grey cities far from the green wood, grew restless …” Her child gasped. “They’re not coming here, are they? Please don’t let them come here.” “Oh, Child,” she said, drawing a sigil upon the air to increase the warmth of the fire, “they’re […]

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October 17th 2016

When the northernmost delegation was introduced, a hush fell over the crowd. “My God,” Robin whispered, “what are those?” Standing over 7 feet tall, the Arctic werewolves strode in, silver hair to their shoulders, fur cloaks held at the collar by a leather and bone clasp, orange eyes blazing. “It’s like something out of a […]

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Letters from Management #35

October 16th 2016

B. G. Gruff 3 Trollbridge Way Oska 101
 Hinterlands I will be silent no longer. You taunt me from the bridge – the TROLL bridge you took from me and my family. We live like garbage underneath, cringing against the noise of you clopping and clopping (endlessly clopping). I have no food, no warmth, no […]

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October 15th 2016

“How can you stand it?” he asked her. “I would go mad.” She paused, looking out of the window at the torrents of rain coming down. “For that very reason,” she said, glancing at the onion she intended to chop, but putting the knife down. “After half of the year in the city, I need […]

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