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January 26th 2015 in Microfiction

“You not welcome here, necromancer,” the hoodoo clerk’s voice rang out from the back of the shop when Torvil entered. “Mind yourself!” he called back in answer. “I am not here to challenge. I need a hush.” There was a hoot of laughter, and the clerk appeared at the counter. “Whatchoo got you need a […]

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January 24th 2015

They flinched at the sounds of destruction even as they looked lovingly in its direction. “It always starts the same,” said the one sister quietly. “Solitude and piles of self-help books.” “Then doing something radically different with her hair,” whispered the other. “Remember when she tried to cut it all off?” asked the one, shutting […]

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January 23rd 2015

He got into the car muttering. “What is it?” she asked, troubled. “Another dead bird,” he replied, buckling up. She gasped. “Another one? That’s disgusting! We have to talk to the neighbors about their cat; that’s like the sixth or seventh one!” “It’s not Bubba,” Jeffie said from his car seat in the back. “Not […]

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January 22nd 2015

The werewolf was new to Warren Road – but wasn’t the same one hunting on Cavendish. Older. Female. They found her resting spot behind the shed and were relieved to find no smaller animal bones there; the markings said calm/not sick/not insane. Princess left some hello; Wendell identified the back way to the dumpster outside […]

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January 21st 2015

Noah and the others went out into the wild and led the beasts to the arc in their mated pairs, trusting in providence to guide their work. None could bring themselves to go into the darkness of the cave between the mountains and lead the nightmares, regrets, horrors, and doubts to safety. “This is our […]

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Reaper Rating: “Bird Box”

January 20th 2015

When I do find or make the time to watch or read in my favorite genres, I am forced to acknowledge that there’s a lot of tosh out there. I have cultivated a fondness for bad horror, sci-fi, and fantasy films, challenging myself to find the one clever thing they left me with, and I have […]

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January 20th 2015

Wary of encouraging a wannabe, Batman corresponded with The Other Batman cautiously for almost two years before realizing they were indeed like minds. Batman eventually accepted Other’s very generous invitation of coming to a corner of Romania for a vacation heavy with food, drink, and focused discussions on combat tactics and choices in weapon design. […]

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January 19th 2015

Heather still expected to be chased. It confused her that John had been silent, nodding his understanding, walking her out to the car with a sigh instead of a dramatic goodbye, and there had been no drunken texts, no voicemail pleas for another chance. “It’s like he doesn’t care,” she would say, telling the story […]

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January 17th 2015

“You look a fright; what’s that for?” her mother asked. “It’s so stupid; I don’t even want to say,” Lesley responded, hanging up her coat in the hallway. Her mother laughed and put the magazine down. “Well, now you HAVE to tell me,” she said. Lesley sighed. “Tonight was ‘make up a story’ with the […]

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