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April 18th 2015 in Microfiction

“Did he leave?” Mark asked his grandmother as he came into the living room to find his friend was gone. “He was talking about ‘working on his bike’, so I sent him out to the shed to look at the tools,” she replied quietly, steadily knitting. “NO! Nana, Dad is still chained in the shed! […]

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April 17th 2015

Norm went north for a weekend of hunting, and found the duck blind particularly cozy. He decided to not use his gun for anything but cracking the walnuts he’d gathered and, after many rounds of deep and satisfying sleep, he fancied that he could understand some of the tree language around him (probably because the […]

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April 16th 2015

Patricia whispered in the hallway until her mother stumbled out to see what on earth she was doing up at two in the morning. In a monotone voice, the child whispered, “The people in the vent want me to read them a story, Mama. They can’t sleep.” In the dark, the horror on her mother’s […]

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April 15th 2015

The Potters settled into a life of children, work, and friends that was entirely magical in its own way. For Spring Break, they’d leave for the States – for Florida – and get their fill of sun, sea, and Mickey Mouse. Harry would moonlight, using his unusual talents in service to the City of Orlando, […]

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April 14th 2015

“You’re a right mess,” Ian said as she sat down. “Well, thank you very much; how fortunate I am to be starting my day in such delightful company,” Jane replied, pairing the line with an unmistakable gesture. “What I mean is,” Ian began again, “I could feel your restlessness come into the restaurant before you […]

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April 13th 2015

“I never thought you’d sell, Dad, but I love the idea of you moving closer to us,” Anne said, smiling. “Yep, well, it’s a big place for an old bachelor to take care of and most of my friends have moved to Florida or some such crazy thing,” Merrill replied. “I guess it’s just time.” […]

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April 11th 2015

“Jessie, I was wondering if you’d like to hear more of our story,” Katie said gently, stroking the small arm. Jessie’s eyes opened briefly and she took Katie’s hand. “I think … I … think … I want to hear how it ends,” she whispered hoarsely. Katie nodded and began, “The princess was very brave, […]

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April 10th 2015

The little creature grunt-snored itself awake to find Phil staring at it. “Uh oh,” it said in its tiny voice. “Please don’t tell anyone you’ve seen me.” Phil blinked and shook his head. “I can’t believe you’re real; I thought I was dreaming about sleeping in a cave and hearing my snores echo … and […]

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April 9th 2015

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous,” Vera said to her granddaughter, “there’s nothing scary about the fog. There are puppies and kitties and bunnies out there, the same as daytime.” “And other things with teeth as well,” a voice in Mitzi’s brain added as she stared out of the window from her carseat, wild-eyed. “Just calm down […]

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