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May 23rd 2016 in Microfiction

Norma tore the letter open, thinking it was something from the Social Security Administration (it had an official look). “Dear Norma Faye Mason Granville,” it started – and went on to spell out very clearly that she was going to Hell if she, as predicted, stayed on her current course and died before the age […]

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Letters from Management #18

May 22nd 2016

James Mortimer, MD End Gate, Dartmoor Devon EX15 PL1
 England Good morning, Sir. Thank you for your recent inquiry and guidance regarding a stray in your area. We have many volunteers living in or near Devon and will ask them to investigate. It would be much appreciated, however, if you could provide additional information to […]

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May 21st 2016

“I think we should put ‘Gourmet Thin’ on Set 4; lots of room and we can easily move the kitchen suite over from 8,” Pascal proposed, making notes on his clipboard. “Why wouldn’t we just film it on 8? Why move everything? That seems unnecessary,” Burns replied, confused. “Not a good idea to film any […]

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May 20th 2016

“Oh, I need to get going,” Alberta said, gathering her things quickly, and looking at her watch. “Headed out to the cemetery?” Ernie asked with a frown. “Every day just before sunset,” she confirmed and his lips twitched. “I don’t think it’s healthy, Alberta,” Ernie said. “Both you wandering about alone in the evening and […]

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May 19th 2016

“I’ve been up there,” Smith said, pointing to the wing, “and it’s not an applied design.” “What?” Porter shouted above the noise of the planes. “It’s not applied!” Smith yelled. “Not painted on! Not a decal! Nobody got up there and did anything to the exterior of the planes!” Porter took him by the elbow […]

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May 18th 2016

The disappointment on her face was obvious. “Uh … hi,” she said, looking around, hoping something would indicate that she had the wrong table. David sighed very softly and pointed to the sign he’d made with her name on it. “You have the right table,” he said quietly. “Of course. I just … wanted to […]

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May 17th 2016

“We worked together for many, many years,” she said, gazing into her coffee with a smile. “All throughout our teens and 20s. We traveled together, lived together, made a difference where we could – even rescued a dog or two and made them part of the family. Home was a van we bought for $600 […]

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May 16th 2016

At the territory meeting, the clan heads presented themselves in their true forms – great beasts with eyes blazing, massive claws extended, and powerful jaws shining with teeth. “Who’s the new guy?” said one of the lessers to a nearby ear. Someone had stepped onto the platform to bow wearing a cold grey suit, plum […]

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Letters from Management #17

May 15th 2016

General Cyrus Patt Reclamation Office / Service Systems / Innovations Unit RecSys 14-18556D
 NASA Headquarters 
Washington DC 20546-0001 General Patt: This reclamation service systems share program is phenomenal; thank you for reaching out to us to build the relationship and place us within the program. We look forward to the start of integration next week […]

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