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March 26th 2015 in Microfiction

They materialized at midnight just outside of a tiny Honduran town. Sitting on a stone wall, about 40 feet away, was a large orange tabby. “Well, there she is,” AoD Rick said, gesturing to the animal with dramatic flare, the long sleeves of his black robe making a slow flapping sound. “That’s Peaches.” “Uh … […]

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March 25th 2015

“And how are we using our genius today?” Stark called out to Banner as he entered the room. Banner laughed and paused Netflix. “Well, today, I’m mapping our earth-saving superforce to the characters in ‘Archer’.” Stark paused, intrigued. “Well, Lana is easy.” Banner nodded. “And I’m obviously Archer …” “You could also be Krieger,” Banner […]

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March 24th 2015

After all of the guests had left the shower, Emil and Rachel sat down next to Nana and each held her hand. They prayed and then Nana reached into her bag and pulled out a small bundle of tissue paper. Rachel unwrapped it, revealing an old and misshapen doll – a monster, its hand-embroidered face […]

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March 23rd 2015

Mrs. Purcell chewed her lip while the final minutes on the classroom clock ticked away. The last hour before Spring Break was particularly brutal; the children began to change. Their eyes were wild and bright, their smiles too broad – as if those tiny lips couldn’t hold back all of the teeth. Some sniffed the […]

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March 21st 2015

He walked over to the table of his friends with a pile of pizza slices; they’d gotten the pitchers of beer already. “Well, man?” they started. “How did it go?” “Yeah, how was speed dating #611?” Mike laughed. “Dig in, you losers,” he laughed and they did. “As you know, I’ve been treating this whole […]

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March 20th 2015

The various pieces and parts of the monster sat in their respective tanks and jars on a Friday night, pre-assembly, trying to get to know each other a little better. The stomach grumbled, as it always did, and the limbs just kind of flailed around the various topics, but the head was bright and cheery, […]

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March 19th 2015

They went around the room, introducing themselves to the new hire. “Yeah, I’m Rob, and I’m an operations analyst. I live in Wester and like to ski – downhill and water.” “I’m Becky; I’m a database admin; I live in Brockton with my partner and 3 rescue cats; I’m into independent film.” “Carl; underwriter; Talbot; […]

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March 18th 2015

There was a knock at the door and Peter answered it. The Emersons were standing there, pale and dressed in black, a fleck of red ember burning in their eyes. “Hi,” Mr. Emerson said, looking around uncomfortably. “We … uh … we got your welcome basket and thought that was really great. You sort of […]

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March 17th 2015

Mindy woke at a few minutes past 3am, bleary but done with sleeping. At a set alarm time of 6am, she had over 2 hours to give away. “Okay, here we go,” she said, moving out of bed, pulling her box of tools out from under it, and setting to work. She cast the circle […]

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