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August 24th 2016 in Microfiction

“You just walk quietly up, make eye contact, speak softly, and let everything happen,” his father said, talking it through. “And this works on both men and women (whoever you’re attracted to).” “DAD,” Jason groaned. “Oh my gawd.” “There’s no need to be embarrassed,” his father continued. “What I’m trying to tell you is that […]

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August 22nd 2016

“And over here is the clinic,” Wesson said, leading the small group of civic leaders through the labyrinthine halls of the Justice League. “Triage and urgent care for general injuries, a surgical suite, and a private counseling office.” “You have a permanent medical staff?” Ketchum asked, surprised. “We have select staff on call; no need […]

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Letters from Management #29

August 21st 2016

(burt.stark@thronehydraulics.com) Hi, Burt. I tried to reach you last week, but got your out of office vacation message; I hope you had a great time. We’ve had a number of people voice concern over the way you’ve been yelling out, “Winter is coming!” in the hallways and at the close of meetings. I realize that […]

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August 20th 2016

She sat up in bed, her hair a mad panic, unsteady and sighing. “You need more sleep,” he said softly. “My brain won’t shut up,” she replied, her eyes staring at the curtain as if she could see through the window beyond. “I don’t even know what I need.” “A team of deadly ninja assassins?” […]

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August 19th 2016

They heard a thud upstairs and looked to the ceiling. After some time, there came another thud – almost a stumble – followed by a long pause. “Is there someone up there?” Paula asked, looking over at their hosts. “No,” Ed responded. “Hold on.” He rose from the dining room table and walked to the […]

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August 18th 2016

Larry taped a tarp in place over the back half of the old Ford (to block the sun) and opened the trunk. Christine was lying there, weak and fidgety, as expected. “What the hell, dude?” she said, raising a hand to cover her eyes (affected by the brightness of the day glowing under the edges […]

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August 17th 2016

Tom had begun to draw in his sleep – horrible words and images that would wake a normal person (screaming). Monday was the last day he looked through the notebook to see what had happened there. He couldn’t stand much more. On Tuesday, he rose to find that he had painted sigils on the floors […]

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August 16th 2016

They followed her throughout her life; one came at age 23, another at 39, and still another at 51. Strangely enough, she’d gotten used to it, had begun to expect the unexpected, and felt restless and a little sad that there had been such a long dry spell. At 78, on a hot August day, […]

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August 15th 2016

“When it was discovered that bleeding (even a drop) upon the Mirror of Akhenepton would grant the person looking into the glass their ideal form, well …” Tolerud began. The interviewer nodded, encouraging him to continue. “Well, it was chaos,” Tolerud added. “An endless parade of vanity; money changing hands; conspiracies of power … madness, […]

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