Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


March 6th 2018

“I’m giving my notice,” Death said, pushing a piece of parchment across the angel’s desk. “Uh … okay,” the angel replied, surprised, “but … you’re Death. I … um … I’m not entirely sure Death can resign.” “I know that I’ve been here for a long time,” Death said, nodding, “but I haven’t been here […]

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December 18th 2017

On the park bench, Lorelei swooned, falling into Wallace’s arms with no hesitation and kissing him passionately. “Cripes,” one guardian angel said, turning away. “There are no points awarded for licking her tonsils,” the other added, watching with disgust. A soft laugh was heard in the bushes and she stepped forward, her red hair glowing […]

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September 15th 2017

They sat down across from each other and laughed. “Well, this is not at all what I expected,” the angel said. “And yet it’s strangely predictable,” the demon replied. “We DO have a lot in common,” the angel laughed. “A crazy amount, as luck would have it,” the demon grinned. They ordered a round of […]

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August 4th 2017

“You’re despicable,” the angel said grimly. “Watching these people for your chance to ruin things.” The demon sighed. “I get no pleasure out of this,” it said. “Rubbish!” the angel spat. “You relish every opportunity to move your unholy fascination into some kind of diseased action that will rob every single moment of joy.” The […]

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July 27th 2017

“I think the way you have this set up is complete crap,” Rebecca said to the angel. “How so?” it responded. “Well, all of this hate and pain and suffering … that shit is ridiculous,” she said, poking a finger at its chest. “You let the misery go on and on, expecting everyone to believe […]

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December 27th 2016

He walked into the break room, feeling their eyes set upon him. All talking ceased. He sighed heavily, hanging up his cloak and putting the scythe in its special stand. “It’s not my fault,” Death said quietly. They were glaring, burning holes into his back as if he’d gone to Hell’s break room by mistake. […]

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November 8th 2016

“New to this?” the angel said, turning slightly. “Yep,” the other replied, eyes widening as he took it all in. “It looks bad – it always looks bad – but, in the end, everything turns out okay,” the first said in a comforting tone. “If you say so,” came the reply, full of doubt and […]

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October 22nd 2016

“Here,” the angel said. “Stand here. Push the button to collect what is lost and make it found.” Beatrice pushed the button, utterly confused about what she was doing, but not wanting to appear stupid. And there they were. All of the love letters that had failed to reach her – promises, apologies, desperate yearnings, […]

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July 22nd 2016

“Awaken, Sleepers!” Life called as it moved down the streets in the form of a soft breeze. “Come out and claim a new day! Have no fear! The world is turning towards all those who step into its magic. I am waiting! You are everything you need!” “Cripes, does it do this every day?” asked […]

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July 11th 2016

The ranting went on and on, calling people into the streets to take sides, escalating into pointing, pushing, and promises of more where that came from. Suddenly, one of the agitators pitched forward with no warning, his lowriders pulling down to reveal boxer shorts with little hearts on them. The crowd had a field day, […]

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