Tansy Undercrypt
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May 26th 2017

“Supper’s ready!” his mom called out. “Okaaaay!” he responded, immediately sighing. He hated the night before camp started – right down to your final fun meal (your last supper) before all of the jerks started arriving by bus and you all focused on “eating healthy” and “having fun”. He stuck out his tongue as a […]

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April 18th 2017

The child awoke screaming. “I’m right here! I’m right here!” yelled the mother, running down the hall. She threw open the door to see the rumpled bed and the tear-streaked face, the finger pointing to the corner of the room. “It’s all right,” the mother cooed. “It’s going to be all right.” “Is everything all […]

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March 22nd 2017

“The first little pig ,” Jeremy said, sitting down at the foot of the bed, “on its straw planet, didn’t do very well against the empire.” Annie gasped. “Did it escape?” she whispered, holding the blanket up to her eyes. “Yes, but just barely,” Jeremy said with a serious look. “The second little pig, on […]

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March 11th 2017

“When did it start?” Maxine asked. “When I was a child,” Greta responded. “And it was never a purposeful thing; it was product of our very survival.” Maxine’s face opened in surprise and Greta smiled. “We had nothing as children, the four of us,” she said softly. “Barely a roof over our heads; the clothes […]

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March 6th 2017

Phoebe came inside, carrying her great grandmother’s flower vocabulary book (from 1841) as well as a pen and paper. “The cemetery says that things are looking up in general, but mind a sweep of influenza in the late spring,” she said to her parents, adding in a hushed tone: “Most of them don’t know about […]

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March 2nd 2017

They sat around the fire, looking up at the stars. “Look at that one,” Shondra said. “It’s the brightest.” “I think it’s a planet,” Jeremy whispered, “but it’s definitely the brightest thing in the sky.” “Star light, star bright,” Bonnie started. “The first star I see tonight,” Shondra added, smiling happily. “I wish I may, […]

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February 23rd 2017

Ryan climbed into bed and waited, eyes wide and blankets pulled up to his chin. Within seconds, the closet door began to creak open and there was a soft wiggling sound under his bed. He reached out a shaking hand and hit the button to turn on his reading light. “Hey,” he said softly, looking […]

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February 10th 2017

“You okay?” one of the angels asked him. “I never know what to say to kids,” Death answered, hugging his coffee cup in the break room, his empty gaze pointed far, far away. “This morning, I was asked to personally guarantee that the afterlife wasn’t stupid.” “What?!?” the angel responded, shocked. “Based on a working […]

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January 21st 2017

Raul and Kipsy sat in the treehouse until dark making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They drew a map of the neighborhood in sidewalk chalk on the floor and talked through the details of their delivery system (Kipsy would take the houses closest to the road; Raul would take the heart of the town and […]

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January 14th 2017

“We’ve always plowed out the town,” Jassop said to the little ones, “to keep it safe for driving. We want people to get to work on time, visit the market when they need to, and have the chance to do fun things with family and friends.” They nodded and sipped their hot chocolate. “And we’ve […]

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