Tansy Undercrypt
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February 10th 2017

“You okay?” one of the angels asked him. “I never know what to say to kids,” Death answered, hugging his coffee cup in the break room, his empty gaze pointed far, far away. “This morning, I was asked to personally guarantee that the afterlife wasn’t stupid.” “What?!?” the angel responded, shocked. “Based on a working […]

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January 21st 2017

Raul and Kipsy sat in the treehouse until dark making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They drew a map of the neighborhood in sidewalk chalk on the floor and talked through the details of their delivery system (Kipsy would take the houses closest to the road; Raul would take the heart of the town and […]

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January 14th 2017

“We’ve always plowed out the town,” Jassop said to the little ones, “to keep it safe for driving. We want people to get to work on time, visit the market when they need to, and have the chance to do fun things with family and friends.” They nodded and sipped their hot chocolate. “And we’ve […]

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January 10th 2017

“Why does no one ever die in The Hundred Acre Wood?” one of the young rabbits asked Owl. “Because we have plenty of space for living,” Owl said, matter-of-factly. “Simple as that.” The young ones puzzled, but couldn’t think of another question, and relaxed into complete agreement. Owl breathed a sigh of relief watching them […]

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January 9th 2017

A scraping and a tapping came from the back room of Gepetto’s workshop; the guides exchanged glances. “Is there someone at work in there?” asked one of the tourists. “Can we see what’s going on?” asked another. “The back rooms of the workshop are closed for repair,” said one of the guides. “I’m sorry.” A […]

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January 3rd 2017

Henry looked at the clock; almost recess. “I am one with The Force; The Force is with me,” he repeated in his thoughts as he put his books away. The bell rang. “I am one with The Force; The Force is with me,” he whispered as he straightened his hoodie and joined the mass of […]

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December 3rd 2016

“They’re so quiet,” Eric observed, amazed. “They had dinner and just settled right down. Mine would be bouncing off of the ceiling.” “This year, we’ve really tried to find the right balance of low sugar, lots of exercise, engaging their minds – kind of a total exhaustion plan. It’s worked out really well,” Phillip replied, […]

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October 18th 2016

“Once upon a time,” the elfmother read, “the Nonmagicals, in their grim, grey cities far from the green wood, grew restless …” Her child gasped. “They’re not coming here, are they? Please don’t let them come here.” “Oh, Child,” she said, drawing a sigil upon the air to increase the warmth of the fire, “they’re […]

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Night Out

October 10th 2016

“All right, then. We’re off. You two have fun!” Brent’s father said with a happy wave. “It typically takes about an hour to locate a victim,” Brent’s mother said from the hallway, getting her shoes on. “Then two solid hours of stalking, then the kill and cleanup. We’ll be home around midnight.” “No problem, Mrs. […]

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September 26th 2016

“One of us has to stand up to him,” Aaron said. “I took him on last time, remember?” Dylan said, pointing to the scar. “Do we have to go in alone?” Beth whispered. “Yes,” Aaron confirmed. “He’ll go insane if we all show up and try to grab him.” “No one will be left alive,” […]

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