Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


January 17th 2017

Sylvia pled guilty to the charges and received her penalty restrictions (which included a wand block for certain types of spells). “Yes, of course, I see things clearly in hindsight,” she said when interviewed, “and I’d do things differently if given a second chance, but I own my mistakes and will make my amends.” They […]

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December 30th 2016

“Now, what the sam hell is this?” Durant said to his partner as they pulled up next to the cemetery gate. “At the scene and investigating,” Olson called in, shaking his head. “Looks like some good, old-fashioned, post-Christmas grave robbing,” he said, looking out of the window at a light shining brightly at the top […]

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June 4th 2016

When they rounded the corner and saw the kid breaking a car window, Maxine sighed. It had been a long day. Terry nodded in sympathy and raised his pulser. “He’s running,” Maxine said, watching the kid turn and prep to sprint. “Nope, he’s not,” Terry replied and fired. The pulser emitted an energy wave that […]

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May 7th 2016

“It’s addictive, for obvious reasons,” Captain Thompson said, looking around the room. “You relax, you die a little bit, you maybe see a loved one or two and, with any luck, you come back.” The police officers listened intently; some jotted notes. “That’s the thing with this stuff, “Hereafter”; there’s a whole pile of steaming […]

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April 27th 2016

“You’re dressed. Social engagement tonight?” Alfred asked, looking up when Batman entered the kitchen. “I had planned a quiet evening,” the caped crusader said, helping himself to a banana, “but then Bruce Wayne was notified of attempted identity theft.” “You traced the revolving international IP addresses of the offending parties,” Alfred led, arching an eyebrow […]

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April 14th 2016

Charlene looked down at the would-be mugger, out cold on the pavement. “So … you’re like … what? A crimefighter? Some kind of avenger?” she asked. “I am neither,” her hero replied, his face overly serious and drawn under the streetlight. “I simply cannot tolerate those who prey upon the innocent, lurking in the shadows, […]

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April 2nd 2016

“Mrs. Longpole?” came the question from the first constable. “Vera, please,” she replied, giving them a warm smile. “Just checking in the general vicinity on the disappearance of the Lamb brothers,” the second constable said, extending a picture of two men. “Have you seen either of these gentlemen recently?” “Only on the news,” Vera replied. […]

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February 8th 2016

They watched the police handcuff Lana and escort her out the front door to the waiting car. “Unbelievable,” Robert said, shaking his head. “I didn’t see that one coming.” “Her epic life of crime?” Amy asked, laughing. “I think that’s usually kept secret for a reason.” Robert smiled. “I’m shocked is all,” he said. “I […]

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January 21st 2016

Shawn told them everything: that he’d found the body while looking for the girl with the other volunteers, that she was no longer alive, and that the stench of who’d done it was unmistakable. “One of us?” David asked, leaning forward. “No, this was not a changer,” Shawn replied, “just a dangerous and deranged human […]

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December 23rd 2015

The package thief came to a quick stop, lights off, in front of the house. He paid no attention to the mattress in the corner of the yard (although it was unusual in such an upscale neighborhood); he scaled the front steps in one jump and opened the bin quickly to see what had been […]

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