Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


February 25th 2017

They moved very quickly, on high alert, out to the garage. Once inside, Shelby moved to the back and dragged the sheet off of his project. “An armored car,” his dad whispered. “Two layers of reinforced scrap metal sheeting with an inch between for the air system (4 hoses attached from this outside intake mount). […]

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February 24th 2017

“He was smooth as glass – smooth as anything,” Nancy said dreamily. Robin sighed, thinking that Nancy (and every other female on the planet) had all of the luck. “And then he slipped a Rufi into my drink,” Nancy concluded. “WHAT?!? He did what?!?” Robin reacted, horrified. “I KNOW,” Nancy laughed. “My gawd! Did anything […]

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February 21st 2017

“The Tukii believe that our emotions form a moving layer directly under our skin,” Miriam said, pouring herself another sherry. “They can align with us or betray us (which seems to the Tukii to indicate intelligence and will), so that layer is treated like a separate being entirely.” “That must make everything extremely complicated,” Gary […]

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February 6th 2017

They opened the first bottle of champagne and prepared to toast. “I have to ask; forgive me,” Russell interjected and they all smiled. “You DID follow the burial instructions to the letter, yes? Down to the very last detail?” He looked at Emily, who sighed. “I’m sure the funeral director thought I was completely insane […]

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February 1st 2017

Margaret saw it line up; the car, its inability to stop, the way they would collide, where it would go wrong and where it would be okay. Time hung, suspended, the way it did around these things (giving its lie away: that the rules of this world only generally apply; they can be altered as […]

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January 31st 2017

She gave him a mug of tea (matte black, inside and out). He looked carefully around the room trying not to stare; there were blackout curtains on all of the windows; low-finished woodgrain flooring had been recently installed over what he could only assume was vinyl (given the age of the house and its kitchen); […]

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January 30th 2017

The door flew open and The Danger burst into the room quaking with rage. Sugar sat very still, tense and on watch (lest any of the puppies she’d piled right next to her try to wander off). The Danger lunged, hitting the line, sending a wall of flame up into its face. Sugar jumped, but […]

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January 21st 2017

Raul and Kipsy sat in the treehouse until dark making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They drew a map of the neighborhood in sidewalk chalk on the floor and talked through the details of their delivery system (Kipsy would take the houses closest to the road; Raul would take the heart of the town and […]

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January 19th 2017

“There is one other location,” Janosz told the new servants, who clung to each other in the middle of the basement room, staring at the rows of coffins. “H-h-how many wives does he have?” one asked, trembling. “These and one more,” Janosz replied. They would adjust or they would not, and – if they did […]

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January 12th 2017

“It took a long time for me to trust you,” Sarah had written, “but your warmth and charm won me over. Even though you’ve decided to end our relationship, I think your love for and belief in people has forever changed me.” He paused a moment to smile. “At the very least, I’ll read the […]

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