Tansy Undercrypt
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September 13th 2017

“I’ve never felt like this before; she’s … magical,” Phil sighed. “Oh, gawd, here we go,” Roberta said, opening the field for commentary as she sat down. “No, I mean it,” Phil shot back, knowing how it sounded, “it’s like she can read my mind.” “If she could read your mind, she’d be in the […]

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September 4th 2017

Wanda sat outside in her car, staring at the bright lights and smiling people moving around inside of the house. “I just don’t know,” she whispered to herself, hands fiddling in her lap. Morgan happened to look outside at that moment, saw Wanda, and waved. “Shit,” she said, waving back. She looked over at her […]

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August 31st 2017

“I want to go out! I want to go see!” Henry cried, leaning towards the door with his full weight. Nancy groaned, clutching onto him, pulling him back. “Honey … it’s bedtime; it’s bedtime,” she said over and over. “But I want to go out and play! I want to see the other kids!” he […]

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August 19th 2017

“There’s a lot of scary stuff happening in the world today,” Brad began, standing awkwardly in front of the other campers, “so my presentation is going to be about how to assess your situation for safety and decide whether to do something or run.” He used his laptop to move through the slides and paused […]

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Diary Pages: Mary Bradbury Perkins

August 13th 2017

Salem has gone mad. John has been accused and I am convicted without arrest or trial as his wife (as all women are assumed to be directly under the influence of Satan). We sit here, strangely at ease, wondering if they intend to execute us separately or together (burning or drowning for me, crushing for […]

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August 5th 2017

“She out back practicing?” Yardley asked, stepping into the main room and removing his hat. “The Reverend doesn’t practice,” Katie said, gesturing for him to sit and handing him a glass of lemonade, “she intends. She is of a mind to hit those targets.” A hot breeze moved aside the simple burlap curtains and Yardley […]

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July 31st 2017

“Spider!” she replied and kept moving furniture, poised to jump, scream, and smash it with her shoe if it showed itself. “Oh, god,” Shaun added. “Help me look for it!” Barbara begged. “I’m going to bed,” Shaun commented, backing out of the room. “Good luck.” For the next thirty minutes, Barbara braved every corner, area […]

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July 29th 2017

At sunset, Shadow went out to the fence and laid down next to the spot where the chainlink was torn. It would be dark soon. He did not want to hear that company was coming; he did not want to smell the dirt-and-blood caked fur or see the glowing yellow eyes (Mrs. Merrell looked a […]

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July 6th 2017

It was a day like any other, nondescript and congenial – a page lifted from a thousand pastorals. “We must root out distraction,” Cynthia had said and, indeed, a feeling of being lulled into contentment was attempting to insert itself into Evelyn’s morning constitutional. “Let the day be lazy; you must remain vigilant,” Cynthia had […]

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July 5th 2017

“We are not going to talk about natural disasters with Grandpa and Grandma today,” Elizabeth said to her son, leaving no room for argument. “We are not going to talk about cataclysms of any kind, real or speculative, including what might be necessary to survive a zombie apocalypse.” “I could go to the arcade,” her […]

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