Tansy Undercrypt
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May 22nd 2017

“I’ll give you these for the cow,” the peddler said, extending his hand. “Some beans? What? Are you joking?” Jack replied. “These are magic beans, son; they’ll open a doorway to a whole new reality.” Jack drew closer as the peddler pointed. “The blue one will shake things up, but you’ll keep your happy ending. […]

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May 13th 2017

Fern sat in the yard watching the shed intently. From the occasional sniff, she learned that the creature was changing (growing); if the groans of the thin metal walls were any indication, the thing would be huge (and hungry). Fern scratched behind her ear and casually walked over to the bushes to dig up something […]

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May 6th 2017

“Are you absolutely sure?” Rota asked. “About what?” Hildr replied, confused. “About dating again? Getting back into the fray with idiot after idiot?” Rota clarified, giving her sister a concerned look. “I’m ready,” Hildr replied, adjusting her belt, “and I’m not going to tolerate any foolishness.” “That’s what I’m afraid of,” Rota said gently, watching […]

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April 29th 2017

Larry and Beth sat snuggled on a park bench watching the stars come out. “This is beautiful,” she whispered, laying her head against his chest. “You’re beautiful,” he added, kissing her forehead. “It takes me back, you know?” she said, looking up at him and smiling. “Ah, youth,” he replied, nodding. “It’s NOT wasted on […]

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April 25th 2017

Robert moved carefully through the house, stepping over the carpet that appeared to be moving on its own, avoiding the walls that ran with blood and rerouting through the less-haunted parlor when the door to the basement opened on its own. Arriving in the kitchen, Robert put on his noise cancelling headphones (so that he […]

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April 22nd 2017

“Well, we can sit here and just wait for the zombies to find a way in (maybe starving to death beforehand), or we can risk it – getting swarmed and torn apart on our way to what’s left of the grocery store,” Peter said with a sigh. “We can rest here in comfort and safety […]

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April 15th 2017

“You’re insane,” Tett whispered. “If the drones spot you, you’re done.” “If the drones spot me, it’s a blessed release from a life not worth living,” Solly replied. Tett sighed. “I just … .” “I know,” Solly said quietly, cutting him off, “but I will NOT give up my freedom of mind. I will NOT […]

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April 13th 2017

In the kitchen, Paul stopped. “Keep the radio on at all times. I cannot stress this enough.” Kelley looked over at the ancient boom box and smiled. “The house likes to jam?” she asked, smiling. The 40s Big Band melody suddenly switched to a club mix of “Pump Up The Jam”. Kelley froze. “The house […]

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April 12th 2017

Carol entered the bar and looked around. She smoothed the front of her dress and tucked her hair behind her right ear. “Not bad,” she whispered, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror behind the bar. “Not good, but not bad.” Spotting her friends, she began to wedge into the crowd, inching towards the […]

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April 7th 2017

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Wyburn said, laughing. “There is nothing in the archive room.” “Laugh if you want,” Telcher responded, “and feel free to take this box down there yourself.” “Dude, you watch too many horror movies,” Wyburn laughed again, and waggled his fingers in Telcher’s face. “I’m not going down there is what I’m saying,” […]

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