Tansy Undercrypt
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February 22nd 2018

“An impeccable transformation,” the first announcer said as the music started. “The Romanians continue to dominate the sport and Cruczik is the one to beat for the free flight routine,” the second added. “Perfect pacing; not rushing the full extension on the turn,” said the first. “OH! Brilliant full wing sweep and double twist!” exclaimed […]

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December 12th 2017

“Come in!” Maureen said, opening the door against the bitter cold, inviting the Crombe family inside. “We’ve plenty for everyone. Billy, you sit there; Roger, there … ” Mrs. Crombe kept her shawl on and moved carefully into the room, afraid. “Alice, it’s all right,” Maureen said (more softly this time). “Come sit at the […]

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September 15th 2017

They sat down across from each other and laughed. “Well, this is not at all what I expected,” the angel said. “And yet it’s strangely predictable,” the demon replied. “We DO have a lot in common,” the angel laughed. “A crazy amount, as luck would have it,” the demon grinned. They ordered a round of […]

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September 1st 2017

“We can’t have you roaming around doing random acts of kindness,” the Big Bad hissed out of the yawning chasm of its mouth. “I know,” she replied guiltily. “I’m sorry.” “How long have you been with us?” it asked, venom and violence in the undertones. “It’s hard to remember,” she stuttered. “The millennia fly by; […]

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August 26th 2017

“It is so peaceful here,” McKenna said, admiring the simple architecture of the monastery and the temple on the hilltop beyond it. “We know only bliss here – thanks to Master Tungo,” Sen said quietly. “Master Tungo is your spiritual teacher? Your guide?” Sen stopped on the path and shook his head. “Tungo is … […]

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August 4th 2017

“You’re despicable,” the angel said grimly. “Watching these people for your chance to ruin things.” The demon sighed. “I get no pleasure out of this,” it said. “Rubbish!” the angel spat. “You relish every opportunity to move your unholy fascination into some kind of diseased action that will rob every single moment of joy.” The […]

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July 25th 2017

“You brought a new … uh … you’re dating someone new,” Heidi observed (awkwardly and visibly uncomfortable). Lydia nodded, looking out onto the patio where her date sat, talking animatedly and twitching his tail. “The incubus,” Lydia answered at last. “We’ve been seeing each other for about 3 months.” “Wow, that’s great,” Heidi responded, less […]

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June 20th 2017

“That is the cutest thing ever,” Amanda said, looking over. In front of the ornate wood pellet stove, Smokey the Cat sat at rigid attention, his tail moving in slow motion from side to side. “That’s his favorite thing,” Rob said, laughing and shaking his head, “but only when the fire is lit.” “Danger cat,” […]

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December 20th 2016

“Oh, the noise! Oh, the noise noise noise noise!” the great demon bawled (with no heart at all let alone two sizes too small). It heard the Whos wailing and gnashing their teeth (so much worse than their singing and dancing with feet). “I know just what to do,” it laughed in its throat, and […]

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December 13th 2016

“Dante, man, he was a TRIP,” the demon said, breathing fire onto the top of its martini. “He goes on a bender, passes out, sees a couple of things, publishes a book, and we’re still digging out from that hot mess.” “Like how?” the other demon said, stirring its glass and wishing it’d gone with […]

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