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Diary Pages: Abraham Lincoln

February 18th 2018

I am often without patience, but I am never without hope. What drives us to fraction and calamity is the very thing that will drive us to courage and action. I do not wonder if things will be all right after a turn or even a fashion. I do not worry that what is broken […]

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Diary Pages: Marigold Faith (“Mary”) Poppins

February 11th 2018

I do not prefer the company of children to that of adults, but I’ve seen what can happen if a child is raised without conscience, manners, and imagination. I believe that last one – imagination – to be the most important quality of all. If they cannot envision a world better than this one, what […]

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Diary Pages: Krampus

February 4th 2018

Florida. Back to working the night shift at the call center. Lots of idiots, but no kids. It’s peaceful. Took the leap and moved into a 55+ home park and that’s peaceful, too. Nobody trusts their eyesight enough to ask me if I really have horns and a tail. Lots of squinting, confusion, and fear, […]

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Diary Pages: Robert Nesta Marley

January 28th 2018

it goes like this (believe it/don’t believe it) one love
 one love for self and everything else 
this is making the world right
 without righteousness 
we open our cages, let ourselves out, and sing
 this is redemption 
even if we stay foolish 
the sun is shining

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Diary Pages: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

January 21st 2018

I find the notion of romantic themes in “Frankenstein” greatly amusing. In truth, I was lying on the settee in my bed chamber, sick in the lungs from the pervasive English damp, and looking at all of the pieces of my life with horror and bewilderment. Having spent the night editing Percy’s delirious prose, I […]

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Diary Pages: Panacea (Goddess of Universal Remedy)

January 14th 2018

How quick we are to praise Morpheus (Son of Night and God of Dreams) for art created in the excruciating hours of early morning. In truth, it is I who lingers in the doorway and watches your suffering. I wait as you pour out your fear and longing and delirium in one form or another […]

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Diary Pages: Stephen Hawking

January 7th 2018

acknowledging that life is not a meme we are proven to be star stuff
 the entire universe is a festival of atoms and energy that form and change and move about each other 
 these are acted upon by tremendous forces which form our prospective impressions of order and chaos 
nothing is that has not […]

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Diary Pages: Katie Talbot

December 31st 2017

She would not let me see her for two days. When she did finally emerge (for a bath and some whiskey), the claw marks down the side of her face stole my breath away. Great goddamn. I was so sure she was going to lose that eye. 
 Eventually, she let me see the damage, […]

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Diary Pages: Kris Kringle

November 19th 2017

The sorcerer called and the potion is ready. “Jolly in a Bottle”. I’m to drink it down at dawn on the day after Thanksgiving.
 It’s the only way to survive what’s coming: the annoying prattle of the elves, the whining, squealing children, the gut-shredding food, the 24/7 work schedule, the vapid, ignoble horror of it […]

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Diary Pages: Nymphadora Lupin (“Tonks”)

November 12th 2017

Do not look outside of yourself for a beautiful life, Teddy; look inside. You have our gifts as well as your own; hopelessly flawed and ridiculous, we have given you the best of ourselves (and a couple of things to keep you humble) – all of it yours to use as you see fit. Make […]

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