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February 2nd 2017

“You awful quiet, Denise,” Percy said softly. “It’s Hattie; she’s probably going today and I just … ” Denise’s voice caught and she took a deep breath. “I just think it’s a shame she has to lay there alone.” Percy took her arm and said, “Come with me.” He walked her from the nurses’ station […]

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November 3rd 2016

“I think I’d just … just rather sit in my room and read,” Paula said quietly, not looking at her grandmother. The old woman laughed. “Too old for my crazy stories of people in a small town, eh? Well, that’s just fine, Honey. Today’s yawner was going to be The Heartbreak Twins.” “The … the […]

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PART TWO: Teaching Some People Some Manners

October 30th 2016

The cops never did question her about the boy and Clara did not spend her time on worry and guilt. By the time a room was prepared for her at the memory care center, she had corrected the neighbor’s tendency to throw his cigarette butts in his yard, demonstrated exactly why today’s youth should give […]

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October 25th 2016

Clara waited in the house, rocking in her favorite chair, lights off, looking through the window at the empty street. “Rock, paper, scissors,” she whispered. “Rock, paper … ” She paused, watching the paper boy come into view, chucking his obligation into every yard. Her eyes narrowed. The boy, some neighborhood kid, looked casually over […]

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September 23rd 2016

The spirit materialized in a corner of the room, a thing made of mist and shadow. It approached the bed, hissing its message, reaching out with a ghostly clawed hand, moving closer and closer. Lowell shifted to his side and pulled the blankets up (“It’s always so gosh darn cold in here at night!”), snuggling […]

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September 7th 2016

“Hey, Myrna,” Shelby said into the phone. “We were just wondering how you are? How’s that rash?” The others gathered around so that Shelby wouldn’t have to shout. She turned to them, placing a hand over the receiver, and said, “Feeling better … doctors were stumped … the rash … ” “Really? Are you kidding? […]

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August 6th 2016

As she closed the door to Mr. Ehrmann’s room, Morgan heard him invite Saint Norman up on the bed beside him. When she was back at the nursing desk, Morgan mentioned it to the other nurses, who looked at each other and smiled. “Miss Patty leaves food out for Saint Norman,” Wilma said with a […]

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June 29th 2016

“Ready, Dad?” Ed called from the living room. “Almost now; almost,” came the reply. Clement moved slowly from the mirror where he’d wrangled his tie into something sharp (arthritis be damned). Back at the dresser, he opened a hand-carved box and stared at the stones revealed inside. “Who needs somethin’ today?” he whispered. “Who got […]

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June 20th 2016

“Now, you all just keep moving in a circle and stretching and I’ll be right back,” Jean (the recreation aide) said to the group at Morning Exercises. They nodded congenially and watched her go. “Now,” Marjorie whispered; Alice closed and locked the door to the community room; she’d pocketed a piece of bright blue chalk […]

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April 29th 2016

“What are you looking at, Grandma?” Cecelia asked, following Nana’s line of sight out the living room window. “In the fog, sometimes I see people … and faces. Family and friends … people I used to know,” Grandma’s voice was light and wistful. Cecelia saw no one, but had no reason to doubt her. “The […]

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