Tansy Undercrypt
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March 2nd 2018

“Mom, let Becca come with you,” Laura said, pushing the girl forward. “I’m all right; I really am,” she replied. “I do this every year and I’m perfectly fine.” “Becca, go with your grandmother,” Laura instructed as the cab pulled up, “and hold her hand.” Down the sidewalk they went, Becca unable to stop yawning […]

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February 17th 2018

When the police arrived, they found the gunmen disarmed and hog-tied in the cafeteria (bound with zip ties used by the Gardening Club). Not a single shot had been fired. Questioning the staff at the nursing home shed no light on what had happened and the police left without a clear narrative of the event. […]

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February 1st 2018

Warren closed the door firmly but gently behind him. “Hey, Uncle Phil,” he said quietly. The old man sat upright in the chair next to his bed staring forward. “I found this,” Warren continued, drawing a worn and stained piece of paper from his coat, “and I finally get it.” Warren unfolded the paper as […]

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January 13th 2018

“Poor old guy,” Larry said, watching Badger lurch down the street. “Stubborn as they come, that old goat,” Roger added. “Nigh on 110, half blind, deaf as a post, and still living alone out at the county line.” “Be nice,” Barbara chided, giving them a refill on coffee. “You’ll be lucky if that’s you some […]

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January 6th 2018

“She’s HOW OLD?” Henning asked, certain he’d misheard. “128,” Rasmussen responded smiling. “Okay, wait,” Henning said next (in disbelief), “Joe is 109; Mary Beth is 98; Elijah is 99 tomorrow; Callie Suzanne is 114 … you don’t have anybody in this wing who’s younger than 97 and they’re all fine!” “That’s right,” Rasmussen confirmed. “What […]

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October 14th 2017

“She’s been working on that quilt forever; how can it not be finished?” Wendell asked, stacking the trays. “Mrs. Abernathy only adds a piece when the day has had some love in it,” Constance replied softly. “She may not remember the person who was loving or what they did, but she can look at her […]

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July 26th 2017

When Death arrived, he found Herb Fitzroy sitting up in front of a lap tray of Jell-O shots. “Haven’t felt good all day; wondered if you were gonna stop by,” Herb said with a smile. “Almost set out the tequila, but I been workin’ on these for poker night and it seems a shame to […]

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July 24th 2017

Norman heard the whooping and the hollering in the side yard and muttered to himself from the chair to the switch that turned on the holy water sprinkler system. When the noise turned to shrieks and hisses, he laughed. “How you like THAT?!? Damn fool rabble-rousers!” The silence held for a while until, off in […]

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May 25th 2017

“He spends more and more time looking out of the window, talking to people who aren’t there,” Dara said, pausing at the doorway to her father’s room. “Is that normal?” “It’s very common,” Dr. Renwick said softly. “And entirely normal if the people they’re talking to have already passed.” Dara breathed a sigh of relief. […]

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February 2nd 2017

“You awful quiet, Denise,” Percy said softly. “It’s Hattie; she’s probably going today and I just … ” Denise’s voice caught and she took a deep breath. “I just think it’s a shame she has to lay there alone.” Percy took her arm and said, “Come with me.” He walked her from the nurses’ station […]

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