Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


July 20th 2016

Steve watched from across the street as the man’s family (maybe 20 of them) hugged and kissed him at the station and then carefully helped him onto the bus. There were tears and cheers and enthusiastic waving until the engine revved to go. They respectfully backed away, turned, and did not look back. “Why did […]

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Spontaneous Part Two: Narnia

June 26th 2016

Carlie never went back, preferring to draw a permanent line between that life and this one. Max went back only once, as a grown man, finding the door in an overgrown thicket and prying it open very carefully. The cellar was the same as before, but more organized. It was clear that his family no […]

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June 23rd 2016

Ursula sighed. “Let me guess,” she said, her mouth in a tight line that turned down at the corners, looking at them out of the corner of her eye. “You want to trade something you think you’ll never miss for your one sorry shot at love.” They trembled inside the mouth of the cave, nodding […]

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June 14th 2016

“So you bought a wand on the black market?” the reporter asked. “Yes, that’s how it started,” Cinderella replied. “They come fully charged and you can use them – as a normal, non-magical person – to do a number of things before they fade.” “And what did you do with it?” came the next question. […]

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May 14th 2016

Ted settled in to read Charlotte a story before bed, careful to observe enough discomfort to keep himself awake. “Mom usually reads the bedtime story,” Charlotte said, suspicious. “I know, Honey, but I wanted to do it tonight,” Ted said, giving her a pat. “Well, okaaaaaaay,” she replied, grabbing her favorite doll, “but before you […]

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March 21st 2016

After Amy came back from checking the cat shelter, having a conversation with the tiny man who apparently lived there now, she poured herself a cup of coffee topped with Bailey’s. “This is where I discover that everyone in my family goes insane at 52,” she whispered to herself. The tiny man had woven the […]

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March 12th 2016

Theodore worked all day, carving the oak stump with symbols he’d researched at the library and gathering the gifts; everyone contributed one bauble or piece of food. Near dusk, Theodore gathered the camp in a circle and set out his own gift – the last of his tobacco (the greatest sacrifice he could make). “We […]

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February 3rd 2016

She found two dead wolves on the path and started to run. The webs in this part of the forest were enormous and so dense you could not see through them. She ran, not looking when a shadow shifted to her right, fearing she would come undone. Racing to the cottage, she was relieved that […]

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January 23rd 2016

The virus took the village in less than 48 hours and when, as zombies, they rushed the castle on that third night, it was a bloodbath – the happy, friendly, direction-giving guards providing no actual protection. Of the princesses at the state dinner, only five had seen actual combat and garnered some survival skills. Jasmine […]

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January 6th 2016

He went through the front door carefully, not shifting his pack until he was outside. He made haste on the path away from home, not looking back, and not lighting his pipe to calm himself until he was well away. “Harrumph,” he whispered, when it occurred to him (again) that he might miss them. “Maybe […]

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