Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


March 9th 2018

“STUPID CAT!” Joe yelled, sitting up and throwing his slipper at the door. “Wha- … what’s going on?” Carol murmured sleepily. “Furball is out there in the hallway drinking gallons of water; it’s making me nuts!” he explained, frustrated. “Furball is right here,” Carol whispered, sitting up next to him, but pointing to the cat. […]

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February 26th 2018

The scrapbook contained row after row of tissues and napkins with a perfect lipstick pout blotted in the middle. “What in the heck?” Marjorie murmured to herself, sitting on the sofa surrounded by boxes. “Kiss Book!” Marjorie’s sister, Marian, said with a bright smile. “Oh my gosh! Look! They’re all labeled!” “Prom, 1956” said one; […]

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February 21st 2018

“I’m going outside to say hello to everybody!” Inga yelled into the house as she shut the front door behind her. She brought her eyes softly out of focus (as she’d been taught) and saw them moving in the blowing snow – dancing down the street, making snow angels, floating to the tops of trees […]

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February 16th 2018

“After you enchant the sprays, you’ll need to store them separately,” Marian instructed, turning to look Sherman in the eyes. “Or you could just read the labels,” he commented sarcastically, giving her a look. “Don’t be impertinent,” Marian said sternly. “In the chaos of the moment, the last thing you want to do when the […]

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February 1st 2018

Warren closed the door firmly but gently behind him. “Hey, Uncle Phil,” he said quietly. The old man sat upright in the chair next to his bed staring forward. “I found this,” Warren continued, drawing a worn and stained piece of paper from his coat, “and I finally get it.” Warren unfolded the paper as […]

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January 5th 2018

Verna heard the sighing and, peering into the bedroom, saw the trembling lower lip. “Don’t you trust that mirror,” she said, coming through the doorway slowly to stand behind her granddaughter. “It’s all lies and bitterness.” “Wha- what?” Charlene reacted, trying to act nonchalant. “Lies, all lies,” Verna said, putting her hands on the girl’s […]

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December 20th 2017

Harley rushed in through the front door, shedding his backpack, jacket, and shoes as he moved down the middle of the hall. “NOPE!” his mother called, peeking out of the kitchen, taking in the wreckage. “DOOR CLOSED; SHOES ON THE MAT; JACKET HUNG UP; BAG IN YOUR ROOM,” she yelled, but he had already rushed […]

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December 12th 2017

“Come in!” Maureen said, opening the door against the bitter cold, inviting the Crombe family inside. “We’ve plenty for everyone. Billy, you sit there; Roger, there … ” Mrs. Crombe kept her shawl on and moved carefully into the room, afraid. “Alice, it’s all right,” Maureen said (more softly this time). “Come sit at the […]

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November 25th 2017

It had been a shite day (of a shite week of a shite month of another shite year) and Gemma was having none of it. Sitting down hard in front of the mirror, she rummaged in the drawers of her dressing table until she found the box. Tearing the lid off, she stared inside at […]

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November 9th 2017

“Look at this,” Jessica said to Ethan and Parker, coming into the living room with a pile of notebooks. “Mom’s letters to the dead.” They stopped packing boxes and turned to her. “Wow,” Ethan said, walking over. “She wrote a letter to someone every day (instead of writing a traditional diary),” Parker remembered. “Yes,” Jessica […]

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