Tansy Undercrypt
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May 18th 2017

“We’re close now,” the attending physician had said. Quietly, Marilyn opened her purse and lifted out a Ziploc bag containing a tube of lipstick, some theatrical adhesive, and a large flower. Leaning carefully over the bed, Marilyn skillfully applied the dark peach lipstick to her mother’s mouth. “This is her all-time favorite color: Georgia Summer,” […]

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May 5th 2017

“Two cups of truth,” Ella ordered at the counter. “Have you had a cup of truth before?” asked the barista carefully. “Yep,” Ella confirmed, “and it’s time for my brother to have his first.” The barista nodded and turned to pour. Back at the table, Ella checked the side of her cup and smiled. “Did […]

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April 18th 2017

The child awoke screaming. “I’m right here! I’m right here!” yelled the mother, running down the hall. She threw open the door to see the rumpled bed and the tear-streaked face, the finger pointing to the corner of the room. “It’s all right,” the mother cooed. “It’s going to be all right.” “Is everything all […]

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March 29th 2017

She’d laid out the tools for cookie baking across most of the kitchen, the utensils and cups arranged with precision (like a surgical tray). “Where’s Grandma?” Paul asked, looking around. “Outside … in negotiations,” Samantha answered, grinning. “Wanna go watch?” They rushed outside to the chicken yard as quietly as they could; the door to […]

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March 21st 2017

“I love it here,” Jenny said, looking out at the rolling hills and the woods beyond. “I’m so glad,” her grandmother said. “It’s good to have you visit.” “Please don’t ever sell the farm,” Jenny added. “All of my best memories are here.” “No plans to sell,” Grandmother comforted, “although it will need someone to […]

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December 17th 2016

“In life,” the executor read aloud, “I paid you to care. I did it willingly; I understood the arrangement.” Charles shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “I was pleased to offer you an education. I felt it was my distinct obligation to provide bail money. And, as far as lessons repeatedly learned, I thought I should […]

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December 15th 2016

Agatha sighed happily as she made her way carefully down the basement steps and over to the chest freezer. “They will be STARVING,” she said, lifting the lid and pulling out not one, but three boneless roasts to put in her shopping bag and hoist back up the stairs. Out in the backyard, the moon […]

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December 7th 2016

Billy trudged through the living room in his footie pajamas half awake. “Billy?” his mother asked gently, not wanting to startle him, but curious. Outside, the wind howled, flinging snow against the windows and sending it coiling out into the darkness. “The wind,” Billy whispered, moving to the door. “Billy, don’t!” she called out, rising […]

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November 24th 2016

Aron stopped at the kiosk and asked for the key. Moving slowly and respectfully, he paused to offer a little bow at several of the other gates (including the heroes and the little ones) while moving to the back corner of the grounds. Carefully balancing his tray, Aron unlocked the iron gate and slipped quietly […]

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November 1st 2016

“So how was The Veil last night?” her mom asked (in a voice flat and tinged with sarcasm). “At its thinnest,” Lisa replied with a smile (used to that voice and not giving in to negativity). “Aunt Lois says ‘hi’.” “Oh, come on,” her mom said, turning abruptly to start in. Lisa held a hand […]

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