Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


March 7th 2018

He had been to see the captain twice and was dismissed each time. He had gone to the command center to find more of the lead crew with similar results. “I knew it was a long shot,” James whispered to himself in the corridor, staring out at the stars, “but I’m surprised I couldn’t find […]

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February 13th 2018

“Sometimes, and I know this is weird, but I feel like the Devil is coming to collect me,” Nancy said nervously. “Like I haven’t made all of the wrong things right and I’m out of time to try.” “I don’t hear weird,” her therapist reacted, “I hear fear, self-judgment, and lots of pressure.” “Okay, yeah,” […]

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November 18th 2017

“Wait,” Morgan said, surprised, “you’re taking the ancient spellbook to the GRAVEYARD?” “Yep,” Cherie confirmed. “And, once there, I plan to open it and read a page at random out loud – mispronouncing most of the Latin (like a boss).” Morgan shook his head. “Do you think that’s a good idea?” “No. It’s the very […]

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November 11th 2017

She looked into the cave, into a darkness that seemed to expand the more she stared. All she had to do was walk in, move silently in the pitch black to the far wall, not fall to her doom using the rock to guide her to the cavern at the back, not think about spiders, […]

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November 10th 2017

“Well?” Butters asked, stepping out of the exercise wheel in her cage and walking up to the glass. “Could be worse,” Midnight (a.k.a. The Vengeance) reported, sitting on the dresser, giving his ears a good rubbing. “Haunted woods; high ratio of dead to living (3 cemeteries where you’d think 2 would suffice); crazy neighbor.” “Crazy […]

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September 23rd 2017

When Scott pulled up, Bill was sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette in the dark (the lights of his house going on and off with screeching and roaring filling the cul-de-sac). “Dude,” he said, “your house is going nuts.” “Yeah,” Bill responded. “The things in the closet, attic, basement, and surrounding forest are having […]

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September 22nd 2017

Yumi met her teacher and classmates out at the site to present her design: a round independent living habitat that sat securely on its own platform high above the ground. “The ladder retracts,” she explained, using the remote to drop it down. “Two at a time, please.” For the next hour, they toured the little […]

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July 31st 2017

“Spider!” she replied and kept moving furniture, poised to jump, scream, and smash it with her shoe if it showed itself. “Oh, god,” Shaun added. “Help me look for it!” Barbara begged. “I’m going to bed,” Shaun commented, backing out of the room. “Good luck.” For the next thirty minutes, Barbara braved every corner, area […]

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July 24th 2017

Norman heard the whooping and the hollering in the side yard and muttered to himself from the chair to the switch that turned on the holy water sprinkler system. When the noise turned to shrieks and hisses, he laughed. “How you like THAT?!? Damn fool rabble-rousers!” The silence held for a while until, off in […]

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June 19th 2017

“I feel at home outdoors, you know?” Matt whispered in the darkness. “There’s something primal about it.” “Yes, there’s something very primal about your posh tent, your arctic sleeping bag, and your Coleman camping stove,” Erica whispered in reply. “YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN,” Matt huffed. “I just like being out in nature – looking […]

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