Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


April 19th 2014

“C’mon, Riley, we got a call,” Barker said to his partner while putting his hat on. “Domestic?” Officer Riley asked, taking one last gulp of coffee. “No,” Barker replied, “it’s those two kids from the valley at it again. Mrs Charval called from Forest Paths gated community; they got a girl and a boy high […]

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April 15th 2014

“No way!  You’re Marley’s Ghost?  THE Marley’s Ghost?” Kesson exclaimed. “I am the spirit of Jacob Marley, Sir – without issue and the only one so named of which I am aware,” said the spirit hesitantly.  “Scrooge’s Marley?  Hot damn!” Kesson went on. “I was Ebenezer’s partner, Sir, but he is now beyond me and […]

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December 12th 2013

Under an assumed name, The Joker opened a dance studio in the warehouse district of Gotham that he called “Pale Moonlight”. Specializing in teaching the extremely shy and/or mentally erratic basic moves, he offered free introductory sessions and multi-class punch cards. Opening the doors for the first time, he swung his arms wide, giggling maniacally […]

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December 9th 2013

The Ghosts of Christmas Past and Future staged an intervention for Present, who’d become obsessed with Black Friday sales, political argument, complaining about his weight, and asserting that most people and things in the world were most assuredly crap. The turning point came when Ignorance and Want stepped forward. “I’m learning nothing from you,” the […]

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November 23rd 2013

Alice muttered to herself about her day and the loathsome people in it, her coat collar pulled up high to block out the wind and her gloved hands shoved defiantly and deeply into pockets. “Effers,” she said out loud to no one, her heels clomping against the sidewalk in a kind of march. Out of […]

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November 13th 2013

It was Van Helsing who spun the tale, making “Dracula” something elegant as well as lethal – giving him a human face, some cunning, and a castle with servants. He fed the contrivance to that Irishman, fueling his imagination and birthing a legend; anything to feel less like a pest exterminator and more like the […]

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July 17th 2013

The Lorax changed when he moved to Fangorn Forest; the stillness suited him, but the darkness began to seep inside. As strangers approached, he would call out, “The problem’s nearly insurmountable!” and, if they continued closer, “I hold all of you accountable!”. The ents got a kick out of him, but feared he would eventually […]

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July 13th 2013

After the defeat at the bridge, the trolls retreated to caves, socializing underground with goblins and feasting on the occasional elf or rider from the North. They left billy goats alone, however – gruff or not; those things were mean.

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June 29th 2013

The Mad Hatter sat glumly at the table, filling the teapots and sighing dramatically. “Alice … no Alice … chaos … no chaos …,” he mumbled. He wondered how many times they’d have to do this over and over again. The White Rabbit twitched beside him, nervously burbling. “What kind of tea this time, Hatter?” […]

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June 28th 2013

Beaufort had passed the man before his brain served up the most tenuous of recollections and he turned.  “Lovecraft?” Beaufort asked, almost afraid the gaunt and pale rack of clothing before him would answer. It did. “Yes,” came the weary reply, “it is I.” “Gods, man! I’d heard you’d gone on some deep sea exploration […]

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