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March 18th 2017

“Be honest. You miss it.” Ron gave him the side eye and a wry grin. “School?” came the response. “The big prophecy … being special … normal life is tragic boring, yeah?” “No, I don’t miss it in the least, actually,” Harry answered quietly. “And normal life is worse in a way – because the […]

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March 16th 2017

They went around the table sharing their plans for the weekend. When it was Lynn’s turn, Debbie whispered, “Let me guess … sleeping?” Lynn blushed. “Sleeping is pretty much always going to be my answer (although it doesn’t sound like much of one),” she said quietly. “In my dreams, I see things clearly; I see […]

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March 15th 2017

“They’re so serious,” the caterer whispered to Alfred. “You’ll find a note of sarcasm and some good-natured ribbing here and there but, yes, quite serious on the whole,” Alfred replied. “I guess … I guess I expected that, when they all got together, there’d be more stories and laughter,” the caterer continued. Alfred chuckled and […]

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March 13th 2017

“I just thought it would be different,” she said, wiping the blood tears away. “I mean, I thought you got TRANSFORMED.” He put his arm around her gently. “But you ARE transformed, dear one.” “That’s not what I mean,” she sniffled and gestured down the length of her body. “Great, you’re a vampire now. You […]

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February 23rd 2017

Ryan climbed into bed and waited, eyes wide and blankets pulled up to his chin. Within seconds, the closet door began to creak open and there was a soft wiggling sound under his bed. He reached out a shaking hand and hit the button to turn on his reading light. “Hey,” he said softly, looking […]

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December 8th 2016

Leslie sat in the living room staring at the old shoebox with “Heartbreak Kit” written in marker across the top. She sipped her glass of Pinot Noir and let a wave of hatred wash over her. “Zero privacy in small towns,” her father had said when they’d moved (and here was the goddamn proof). Leslie […]

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December 1st 2016

“You seem to really like your job,” Karen said, acting a little surprised. “I do,” Pete responded. “There’s a lot of variety and independence.” “Okay, but … ,” Karen continued, “I’m sorry, but … the mailroom? That’s your happy place?” Pete laughed. “Oh, it’s not a mailroom. When they’re looking at “streamlining some processes”, it’s […]

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November 22nd 2016

When the Oracle stirred, it moved through Bud Hamm down at the Swedish Center (at the Sons of Scandinavia Tuesday Coffee). “When your longing refines itself, and you have a word for the dream at last,” it said, “set your course of action.” They stared at him (Knut, Mike, Earl and the others). “It is […]

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September 27th 2016

Susan poured herself a smoothie from the blender and settled back on the couch with a couple of iron pills to watch the news; they were covering the mysterious destruction of local gardens every full moon. She sighed heavily when her phone rang. “Hey,” she answered. “You watching the news?” Eric asked. “Of course,” Susan […]

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September 14th 2016

“So, Mr. Romance, what’s your secret?” Aaron teased. Ed laughed. “Use what you’ve got on hand and speak the truth,” he eventually answered. “Could you be more specific?” Aaron asked, actually wanting to know. “Meghan was on this one diet,” Ed responded, shaking his head, “that required her to write encouraging letters to herself. She […]

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