Tansy Undercrypt
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February 5th 2018

“Dude, you’re hardcore,” Stan said, pausing in the hallway, pointing to the hanging sit-up bar installed in one corner of the bedroom. “Start the day with crunches! I totally need one of those.” He reached back to high five Mylos, who hesitated, looking surprised. “Yes,” he added awkwardly. “Sit-ups first thing in the morning.” “BOOM, […]

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January 30th 2018

“I died from the flu a couple of weeks ago,” Harry said, tucking into his lunch, “although I only found out last Friday.” The others exchanged looks and nodded. “Is it weird?” someone asked. “Yes and no,” Harry answered with no hesitation. “I mean, on the one hand, I wasn’t even aware that I had […]

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January 26th 2018

“I see you here often,” he said, approaching gently. “Do you come every day?” “Pretty much every day,” she responded. “I have a lot of people here – people that I miss.” He nodded and sat down on the bench, leaving a respectful amount of room between them. “I find it relaxing here,” he shared, […]

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January 22nd 2018

“Big Dipper,” Amy said, pointing. “Crock Pot,” Vern corrected. “It’s cookin’ up something big and beautiful.” “Little Dipper,” Amy said next, gesturing somewhere else. “Sauce Pan,” Vern explained. “Something fabulous is gonna tie everything together.” She stared at him for a few seconds. “Cassiopeia,” Amy said flatly, doing the game show “here-is-your-next-letter” hand. “W is […]

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December 5th 2017

The berglek threw them into a corner of the store room, tightly roped together. “Mrrg sshng!” it grunted, slamming the door as it left them behind. “Too right,” Viper said softly, testing the knots, trying to move her hands. “Mrrg sshng. My thoughts exactly.” “Ouch. This could be going better,” Smite muttered, the coils biting […]

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December 1st 2017

Cranston sighed heavily. “I thought you’d never arrive,” he said. Westrup smiled, looking over at the mess in the hallway. “Cleaning to pass the time?” “The bloody mirrors,” Cranston responded. “The more I clean them, the cloudier they get. The maid sees faces in them; won’t go near them. Ruddy nuisance … and I’m continually […]

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November 30th 2017

Vera asked Carl to put his fingertips lightly on the planchette and they waited. “Does this ever work?” he whispered, and she shushed him. After a moment, Vera spoke again, “I want to speak to Bethany Reston; Bethany, are you there?” After another minute or two, Carl said, “Vera, I don’t think this is work—” […]

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November 29th 2017

“I am filled with a great sadness,” the monster said, thumping its chest, “and then filled with a great anger.” Its eyes glowed red. “And then, predictably,” Stan said, non-plussed about the eyes, “you’re sad again.” “For no good reason,” the monster added miserably. “I disagree with you there,” Stan responded softly, leaning forward. “I […]

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November 24th 2017

A door slammed open and Jessica jumped. “And here we go,” she whispered. “Just stay still,” Paul replied, taking her arm and pulling her back to stand flush against her cube wall. “It’ll blow over.” “It’s not going to just “blow over”,” Jessica replied. “In addition to going over Warren’s head to plead my case […]

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November 13th 2017

Stuart walked very slowly from the house, carefully balancing the box of supplies. When he arrived at the barn, he nudged the door open (then closed) with his butt. Inside, the structure was filled with radiant light, as if the sun had decided to try something new and set in that very spot. She sat […]

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