Tansy Undercrypt
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June 16th 2017

Harriet sat very quietly at the bedside, holding Gwendolyn’s hand. “Gwen,” she whispered. “Do it,” came the faint reply. Harriet slipped a rock under Gwen’s tongue and patted her face. “Out with it,” Harriet said. “Breathe out all of your regrets, all of your secrets, all of the harm you know you’ve done. Do it.” […]

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May 20th 2017

“I’ve chased the perfect something my whole life,” Chad said, standing up in the back. “Full well knowing that it doesn’t exist.” There were nods around the room as he spoke. “I eventually admitted to myself that I just wanted anything I thought was better than me to validate me. I wanted something extraordinary to […]

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May 10th 2017

Kevin ordered a side salad with no croutons and blue cheese dressing. “Dieting?” Maggie asked. He nodded. “Gotta get some control,” he added, giving his belly a pat. “Giving up carbs?” she responded, dipping her grilled cheese sandwich into its companion cup of soup. “Snausages,” Kevin replied without thinking and froze. Maggie burst into laughter […]

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May 2nd 2017

“Wait … they made an offer?” Woods asked, open-mouthed. “Yep,” Norton replied. “At the first interview.” “And you used the full resume?” Woods asked again, shaking his head. “The full meal deal,” Norton confirmed. “Hold up,” Woods said, his hands up in disbelief. “You gave them the resume that not only lists your coding languages […]

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April 26th 2017

“You’ve been busy this month,” Olive whispered, reaching for his hand. “Sometimes, I think I work too much,” he whispered in return. “But you do an excellent job; your boss must appreciate it,” she continued, patting the bed beside her. He sat down. “Yes,” he said, tired, “but, sometimes, even that …” “Doesn’t feel like […]

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April 22nd 2017

“Well, we can sit here and just wait for the zombies to find a way in (maybe starving to death beforehand), or we can risk it – getting swarmed and torn apart on our way to what’s left of the grocery store,” Peter said with a sigh. “We can rest here in comfort and safety […]

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April 21st 2017

Darcie walked into the kitchen to get more salsa, pausing to look back at the women gathered in her living room. “My tribe,” she whispered, grateful for friends to celebrate with (remembering a time when there were none). “Refills on Diet Coke!” Heather called out (and Darcie gave her a nod). They were programmers, teachers, […]

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April 19th 2017

“You going home for break?” Brett asked as he zipped up his backpack. “Yeah,” Mike replied. “Springtime in Nebraska – gotta help the folks with the farm.” “Do you guys have chickens and pigs and cows?” Wendy asked excitedly. “All of that and so much more,” Mike replied. “Our poop diversity is spectacular.” Brett hummed […]

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April 11th 2017

Tim and Lesley watched them through the conference room window (nonchalantly); it was hard not to press their faces up to the glass. Phil was gesticulating wildly, his voice growing louder. Medina sat in front of him, eyes narrowed, with her right hand playing at the bottom edges of her head wrap. “It’s happening! It’s […]

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April 1st 2017

“Oh, my gawd, you weren’t kidding about all of the collectibles. Jeeeeeeezuz.” Marjorie walked into the dining room where two more corner cabinets stood, full to bursting. “Right?” Patricia answered in a whisper. “When was the last time you saw a shelf of Holly Hobbie paraphernalia?” “Since never,” Marjorie added. “But I’m still looking for […]

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