Tansy Undercrypt
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March 2nd 2018

“Mom, let Becca come with you,” Laura said, pushing the girl forward. “I’m all right; I really am,” she replied. “I do this every year and I’m perfectly fine.” “Becca, go with your grandmother,” Laura instructed as the cab pulled up, “and hold her hand.” Down the sidewalk they went, Becca unable to stop yawning […]

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March 1st 2018

“If we could, somehow, help the poor thing … gift it with closure and … release,” Watson started, leaning forward over his breakfast to whisper. “A draft is not a phantom, my dear Watson, and it is not a living thing that hears,” Holmes responded, not looking up (but raising his voice exactly as much […]

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February 21st 2018

“I’m going outside to say hello to everybody!” Inga yelled into the house as she shut the front door behind her. She brought her eyes softly out of focus (as she’d been taught) and saw them moving in the blowing snow – dancing down the street, making snow angels, floating to the tops of trees […]

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January 17th 2018

“You did what?” his mother asked, caught off guard. “Made up a ghost story,” Mikey confirmed, “about something called a karosspiegel – a monster that exchanges one of its parts for one of yours (whatever is hanging off of the bed).” “And you did this to explain why you’re on crutches?” his mother pressed, surprised. […]

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December 29th 2017

The Ghost of Christmas Future and the Ghost of New Years Hence stood silently at the railing of the overlook, the lights of the city sparkling beneath them. Christmas sighed and hugged its black robes tight to its chest for warmth and comfort. “I’m tired,” it said into the light breeze and, down below in […]

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December 1st 2017

Cranston sighed heavily. “I thought you’d never arrive,” he said. Westrup smiled, looking over at the mess in the hallway. “Cleaning to pass the time?” “The bloody mirrors,” Cranston responded. “The more I clean them, the cloudier they get. The maid sees faces in them; won’t go near them. Ruddy nuisance … and I’m continually […]

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Helter Skelter

November 21st 2017

“Dude, you are putting me on,” Wolters said, clapping his friend on the shoulder. “Nobody’s coming.” “I got a message with instructions this morning,” Henner replied, his voice tight. “Instructions?” Wolters asked. “What kind of instructions?” He started laughing. “Will you quiet down?!? Jesus,” Henner blasted, rubbing his forehead. “Somebody’s coming to pick up Manson’s […]

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September 16th 2017

Meredith pulled slowly into the public parking lot, turning her lights off and rolling into a spot near the top of the stairs. The sea air and the sound of the waves were hypnotic and she closed her eyes and breathed deeply as she got out of the car. “Steady, steady,” Meredith whispered, letting her […]

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September 9th 2017

It rattled about in the attic for quite some time, but no one came. It thumped in the walls and creaked on the stairs, but no one flinched (let alone jumped or screamed). It went outside and peered into the living room with its glowing red eyes, but no one even looked up. “I hate […]

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August 28th 2017

“The poltergeist activity was, as you described it, off of the charts,” Lutz said, sitting down in front of the terrified Waudette family, “but we were able to direct it … focus it.” “Did you get rid of it?” Mr. Waudette pressed, fidgeting. “Well, no, not exactly,” Lutz responded. “First, we concentrate it, guide it […]

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