Tansy Undercrypt
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May 8th 2017

“The mines closed recently as a result of the last cave-in; 27 miners in the east vault lost their lives,” the tour guide said. “Recently?” Joel asked, tipping his head slightly to one side. “What year is it?” “It’s 1938,” the tour guide slowly responded, getting hazy around the edges. “It’s 2017,” Joel said quietly […]

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February 22nd 2017

“You have a what?” Rick asked, startled. “A ghost,” Angie replied. “In your house – in this house?” Rick reacted, looking around as if to see something unusual. “This very house,” Tony replied, laughing. “Is it … evil, menacing; does it want you gone?” Rick asked next, rubbing his neck and wondering if something was […]

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November 15th 2016

“Were the trees peaceful today, as you worked to seal them?” Brother asked. “Yes,” the novice replied. “Brother Chungze also toiled with me and shared much of his wisdom.” “Ah,” Brother said, his mouth turning up very slightly at the corners. “He talked about the chaos of fire, what it comes to teach us, how […]

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October 14th 2016

“You gonna be okay?” Larson asked, turning around and around in a circle to find that exact right spot to lay down. “I’m fine,” Pepper replied, irritated. “A little tired from making an effort big enough for BOTH OF US.” Larson sighed and put his head down. “I told you not to bother,” he said […]

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September 23rd 2016

The spirit materialized in a corner of the room, a thing made of mist and shadow. It approached the bed, hissing its message, reaching out with a ghostly clawed hand, moving closer and closer. Lowell shifted to his side and pulled the blankets up (“It’s always so gosh darn cold in here at night!”), snuggling […]

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September 13th 2016

“Who would like to go next?” Mrs. Gilchrist asked the class. Louisa held up her hand. She walked to the front and put her iPhone down on the display table. “For my science project,” Louisa began, “I coded an app that reads the immediate environment for paranormal activity.” Mrs. Gilchrist’s eyes grew wide. “Ghosts,” Louisa […]

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Part Two: The Inexperienced Ghost

August 28th 2016

Ed and Tara often thought of moving; over the years, the house felt too big, too old, and too expensive to repeatedly update. Still, they had so much history with the place and had grown so close to its bumbling and awkward resident spirit that they could never actually leave. Ed died in the autumn […]

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August 19th 2016

They heard a thud upstairs and looked to the ceiling. After some time, there came another thud – almost a stumble – followed by a long pause. “Is there someone up there?” Paula asked, looking over at their hosts. “No,” Ed responded. “Hold on.” He rose from the dining room table and walked to the […]

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Part Two: Heather Makes a Ray Gun

July 31st 2016

“The problem with delivery is the load distribution,” Heather added to her development notes. “Small but volatile source + stable activation construct seems to equal poor frequency control.” She sighed heavily and rubbed her eyes. So close; she was so friggin’ close. Heather looked over at the clock in the basement and groaned; it was […]

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July 14th 2016

“So, let me make sure I have this,” the Coordinator said. “You want to haunt a haunted attraction instead of your former home, school, place of work, or nearby abandoned hospital or asylum?” “That’s right,” Peter and Brenda replied in unison. “Where you’re likely to get absolutely no attention at all or be treated like […]

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