Tansy Undercrypt
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November 2nd 2017

“You’ve been gone for two days,” she said crossly. “I lost track of time,” he responded, looking at the floor sheepishly. “Did you binge?” she interrogated. “You look a fright.” “I … did not,” he answered, taking a couple of careful steps into the room. “I have lived so long … I … the days […]

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October 27th 2017

“There was no bad blood between the holidays afterwards,” the Mayor told them, smiling and frowning then smiling and frowning. “They kept a respectful distance from each other, but feelings remained warm and supportive.” The children grinned from ear to ear (their brains chock full of cobwebs and presents under the tree). “The Pumpkin King […]

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October 13th 2017

She came down the stairs in her high-necked swimming dress, a lawn chair tucked awkwardly under one arm, a black towel and a book of spells clutched in the other. “I’m gloombathing,” she announced to her parents, who watched her descend with interest. “I’ll be out on top of the family crypt, soaking up the […]

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October 6th 2017

“Well, like we talked about last week, I’m trying to channel my nervous energy into constructive projects,” the nosferatu said, its eyes shining yellow in the candlelight. The others in the circle nodded to be encouraging. “So I’m already working on my Halloween costume,” it added. Those creatures with eyes exchanged glances. “What are you […]

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June 29th 2017

“Darlings, love is a losing game – just like Amy Winehouse says,” Adrian dramatized, the back of his hand lifted high upon his forehead. “We might as well put our bath robes on and have a spa night.” “I’m not playing mani/pedi with you two weeks in a row,” Charles replied flatly. “Girls just wanna […]

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May 29th 2017

“Today, we remember those who have served and still fight. We acknowledge the dignity, courage, and dedication of those who step forward to protect others, to preserve peace, to act as a champion for the most vulnerable,” Russell said, raising his glass. “Here here!” Grant called out. “Loud and proud!” Rebecca added. “We remember … […]

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February 14th 2017

He fussed and fussed (as only the lonely can), arranging the meal just so, cutting a sprig of fresh parsley to place on top. They watched him silently, offering neither judgment nor encouragement. “Dinner is served, darlings!” He called out cheerily, placing the small, delicate china plates on the floor. The cats stared at the […]

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January 6th 2017

“C’mere,” Esmeralda whispered to Borger, gesturing that he should follow her into the bathroom. “Exactly what kind of help do you need?” Borger answered drolly, cracking a smile. “Ass,” she replied. “Get. In. Here.” Checking to make sure that no one was coming down the passage, he stepped forward through the doorway. “Look look look,” […]

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January 2nd 2017

Thor howled with laughter as he told the others about New Year’s Eve in Asgard: the rivers of beer, the practical jokes, the Bifrost quick trip (where Heimdall sends you wherever he wants you to go for 5 minutes), and the “resolution swap” (where everyone puts their goals into a ceremonial golden bowl and pulls […]

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December 31st 2016

They asked for a pack of smokes and wished her a happy new year; Julie smiled, rang their purchases, and wished them happiness in return. She was anxious to get out of there; it was New Year’s Eve Day and she had a party to go to – somewhere to celebrate her decision to Do […]

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