Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


September 23rd 2017

When Scott pulled up, Bill was sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette in the dark (the lights of his house going on and off with screeching and roaring filling the cul-de-sac). “Dude,” he said, “your house is going nuts.” “Yeah,” Bill responded. “The things in the closet, attic, basement, and surrounding forest are having […]

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September 9th 2017

It rattled about in the attic for quite some time, but no one came. It thumped in the walls and creaked on the stairs, but no one flinched (let alone jumped or screamed). It went outside and peered into the living room with its glowing red eyes, but no one even looked up. “I hate […]

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May 16th 2017

When the serviceman showed up, he tarried by the van for some time unpacking his equipment. Pam stepped out onto the porch to greet him. “I’m glad you could make it on such short notice,” she called out to him. “No problem!” he replied, spritzing himself with something. “Holy water,” he explained, catching her staring […]

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April 25th 2017

Robert moved carefully through the house, stepping over the carpet that appeared to be moving on its own, avoiding the walls that ran with blood and rerouting through the less-haunted parlor when the door to the basement opened on its own. Arriving in the kitchen, Robert put on his noise cancelling headphones (so that he […]

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April 13th 2017

In the kitchen, Paul stopped. “Keep the radio on at all times. I cannot stress this enough.” Kelley looked over at the ancient boom box and smiled. “The house likes to jam?” she asked, smiling. The 40s Big Band melody suddenly switched to a club mix of “Pump Up The Jam”. Kelley froze. “The house […]

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February 22nd 2017

“You have a what?” Rick asked, startled. “A ghost,” Angie replied. “In your house – in this house?” Rick reacted, looking around as if to see something unusual. “This very house,” Tony replied, laughing. “Is it … evil, menacing; does it want you gone?” Rick asked next, rubbing his neck and wondering if something was […]

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November 2nd 2016

“Well, it’s very bright – lots of light – and … cheery in here. I like the colors; they’re bold and a nice change from neutral,” Laurie said, looking through the empty front rooms. “The layout is kind of unusual,” Kent added. The realtor nodded. “The house was originally a 1960s box-within-a-box, but the previous […]

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October 7th 2016

Shirley walked to the front of the houseboat to shut the lights off. Out in the dark water, a pair of eyes glowed. “Seal, maybe, or otter – hard to tell,” she said to herself, curious. She hesitated at the patio door, fighting an urge to unlock it; the house suddenly seemed close and in […]

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August 19th 2016

They heard a thud upstairs and looked to the ceiling. After some time, there came another thud – almost a stumble – followed by a long pause. “Is there someone up there?” Paula asked, looking over at their hosts. “No,” Ed responded. “Hold on.” He rose from the dining room table and walked to the […]

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August 10th 2016

“Honestly, I have GOT to know what that sound is,” he said, standing up. She grabbed his arm. “It’s almost midnight; just leave it until the morning.” “I can’t; it’s driving me nuts,” he replied. “Every night – every single night about this time, that sound starts in the basement. Clicking and scraping.” “What if […]

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