Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


January 15th 2018

She listened to the story compassionately, nodding at all of the right times. “Are you sure it was … ,” she started, then stopped. “This is all so surreal!” she exclaimed (although it wasn’t). “I’ll talk to him,” she offered, obligated to do so. “I’ll get to the bottom of this,” she promised, not entirely […]

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August 1st 2017

“I’m slowly learning not to get so … wound up about things,” he said carefully. “Honestly, it’s not good for me – sitting around feeding my paranoia about who’s doing what.” “And how does that feel – making these changes?” the therapist asked. “Great, actually. I’m more relaxed; I’m sleeping better; I’m more comfortable in […]

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April 21st 2017

Darcie walked into the kitchen to get more salsa, pausing to look back at the women gathered in her living room. “My tribe,” she whispered, grateful for friends to celebrate with (remembering a time when there were none). “Refills on Diet Coke!” Heather called out (and Darcie gave her a nod). They were programmers, teachers, […]

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January 4th 2017

“As ents go, we could do a might worse,” the arborist wrote in her field notes. “Central Park’s resident keeper has … carved patterns down most of its limbs for decoration, pierced itself through with bits of random metal, and styled its upper leaves into kind of a mohawk.” Marilyn laughed, looking at the pictures […]

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September 22nd 2016

In the autumn, when the rest of the world slowed in the cool North breeze, the trees dropped their pretenses. Leafless, they stretched up to the sky, no longer burdened by pressures to fly their high colors or assume a pleasing shape. Free from constant interference, they no longer hid their imperfections or competed with […]

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June 30th 2016

Smeagol’s extended family moved away and separated themselves from the story of the one ring as much as they could. When that blasted hobbit published his horrible account, however, they were (again) tracked until they were found and swarmed by paparazzi day and night. “It was cursed!” Fleemgol (fifth cousin, thrice removed) cried out, exasperated […]

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August 18th 2015

“It is true that they went into the West, away from what had been, from a story no longer theirs,” said the one. “What happened next?” the small hobbit asked, his eyes sparkling with excitement. “They stopped at Ellis island and went through immigration – got their names changed for a start.” The small one […]

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August 14th 2015

They laughed as Wanda laid it all out, pouring the crystal salt in a great arc around her cube – even under the walls of the adjoining cubes. She mumbled words of protection and empowerment, then opened a glass jar of fresh rose petals on her desk and let the scent of them fill the […]

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July 3rd 2015

It moaned and gibbered, running frantically about. It was looking for something. “Noooooo!” It cried, anguished. “It’s gone! I’ve lost it! My precious!” It began to sob, spittle dripping from its mouth as the despair grew. “MY PRECIOUS!” It snapped to attention, aware of itself for a moment, brows knitting in anger. “Someone took it! […]

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The Way

June 29th 2015

Yes, of course, the road went ever on and on, down from the door where it began, blah blah blah, but it was bored (so incredibly bored) and felt so tired of aimless feet and the anxious crossing of animals that it turned sharply towards the dark where wreck and ruin could spice things up […]

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