Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


November 7th 2017

“Do you need anything, Mr. Linden?” the nurse asked softly. “No, I’m all right,” he responded. “I’m just letting it all sink in.” She sat down near to him, wanting to reassure him and give him space at the same time. “It’s very hard in the beginning,” she said gently, “when families first visit memory […]

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October 16th 2017

After cleansing the house (sage and salt), they had it blessed (Catholic and Wiccan), and had two psychics come by to help whatever it was into the The Light (Marjorie and David). The strange activity continued. Peeling wallpaper was made whole again; cloudy antique mirrors were brilliantly polished; the baby’s crib (wobbly on one side) […]

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October 14th 2017

“She’s been working on that quilt forever; how can it not be finished?” Wendell asked, stacking the trays. “Mrs. Abernathy only adds a piece when the day has had some love in it,” Constance replied softly. “She may not remember the person who was loving or what they did, but she can look at her […]

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September 16th 2017

Meredith pulled slowly into the public parking lot, turning her lights off and rolling into a spot near the top of the stairs. The sea air and the sound of the waves were hypnotic and she closed her eyes and breathed deeply as she got out of the car. “Steady, steady,” Meredith whispered, letting her […]

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September 15th 2017

They sat down across from each other and laughed. “Well, this is not at all what I expected,” the angel said. “And yet it’s strangely predictable,” the demon replied. “We DO have a lot in common,” the angel laughed. “A crazy amount, as luck would have it,” the demon grinned. They ordered a round of […]

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September 13th 2017

“I’ve never felt like this before; she’s … magical,” Phil sighed. “Oh, gawd, here we go,” Roberta said, opening the field for commentary as she sat down. “No, I mean it,” Phil shot back, knowing how it sounded, “it’s like she can read my mind.” “If she could read your mind, she’d be in the […]

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August 29th 2017

“We’ve talked a lot about you feeling very confrontational in most situations – how you get right up in someone’s face as a way to not feel vulnerable about their approach,” the Night Therapist said quietly. “Yes,” she agreed, nodding even as she faced away. “And we’ve talked about how that doesn’t provide you with […]

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August 8th 2017

“Guillermo, quickly! The carriage!” Arturo called out, suddenly frantic. From the back room, Guillermo emerged, putting on his gloves. He grabbed the two baskets of supplies and rushed from the shop, standing at the curb (looking down). Within moments, an ornate black carriage pulled to a stop in front of him and a lady’s hand, […]

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August 4th 2017

“You’re despicable,” the angel said grimly. “Watching these people for your chance to ruin things.” The demon sighed. “I get no pleasure out of this,” it said. “Rubbish!” the angel spat. “You relish every opportunity to move your unholy fascination into some kind of diseased action that will rob every single moment of joy.” The […]

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August 3rd 2017

“I’d really like this to go forward; I think we have something special,” Sam said softly, taking her hand. “Me, too,” Dana answered shyly, looking around to make certain that no one in the coffee shop was listening. “So, I went and got tested,” Sam continued (even more softly). “Uh … okay,” Dana whispered, blushing. […]

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