Tansy Undercrypt
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March 10th 2017

“You came!” he cried out, delighted. “After everything … I didn’t think you would.” She sat down and looked up at him, smiling sweetly. “I just … well, first things first: would you like a drink?” She shook her head ‘no’. “Okay, well don’t go anywhere; I’ll be right back!” he said happily (heading to […]

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February 16th 2017

At the gravesite, they salted the earth and marked the gravestone with an extra coffin nail to show they’d applied precautions. Frank looked away and was comforted by Dot’s sister, cousin, and two friends from work. “I’m fine,” he told them. “I understand that it wouldn’t be my Dot that came back. I’m okay.” Late […]

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February 14th 2017

He fussed and fussed (as only the lonely can), arranging the meal just so, cutting a sprig of fresh parsley to place on top. They watched him silently, offering neither judgment nor encouragement. “Dinner is served, darlings!” He called out cheerily, placing the small, delicate china plates on the floor. The cats stared at the […]

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February 13th 2017

Robert’s car pulled up and idled at the end of the driveway. He got out and stared at the house for a moment, then placed a bouquet of roses on the cement. “Oh, no! Have you two broken up?” Fran asked Sheila (after he’d driven away). “Not exactly, but sort of,” Sheila responded, sipping her […]

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January 12th 2017

“It took a long time for me to trust you,” Sarah had written, “but your warmth and charm won me over. Even though you’ve decided to end our relationship, I think your love for and belief in people has forever changed me.” He paused a moment to smile. “At the very least, I’ll read the […]

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December 16th 2016

They looked at each other across the room, moving quickly away to separate corners (observing strict propriety). He hovered near the room’s giant mirror, refusing to look into it and not see her (a notable courtesy); she sat in a candlelit corner limiting the reach of her considerable charms by hiding her face behind a […]

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December 14th 2016

“Oh, my … uh … wow,” Santor said, staring open-mouthed at the pages in the folio. “Yep,” replied Chapman, smiling over the desk at him. “This is … um … this right here is …,” Santor continued, his voice trailing off as he turned the page. “Yep,” repeated Chapman, trying not to laugh. “I believe […]

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December 12th 2016

The Night Therapist rose at 4pm, fixed a light meal, and made a quick outline for group over a glass of wine. So many of them came every week, heartbroken and desperate, searching for answers to why (“Why can’t we be together?” “Why don’t I ever learn?” “Why do I eat the ones I love?”) […]

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December 5th 2016

“His gift will change philology forever, and I do not make that claim lightly,” Rupert said, standing, to the gathering of his colleagues. “I have seen the material and I … was left speechless.” Dr. Meier spoke up. “Is it true? About the Hurrian? Someone … something … wrote to him in a dialect of […]

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October 22nd 2016

“Here,” the angel said. “Stand here. Push the button to collect what is lost and make it found.” Beatrice pushed the button, utterly confused about what she was doing, but not wanting to appear stupid. And there they were. All of the love letters that had failed to reach her – promises, apologies, desperate yearnings, […]

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