Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


January 29th 2018

“It’s really nice to meet you,” Laurie said, sliding into her side of the booth. “You, too!” Michael replied, beaming. “I just joined the website on a fluke with zero expectations, so this is great.” Laurie smiled, opening her menu. “I’ve been on it for a couple of months, but you’re the first person I’ve […]

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December 11th 2017

They watched her go by, adjusting her slip and then pausing in front of the drugstore window to check her reflection. She took the silk out of her hair, letting it fall loose around her shoulders, and kicked off her shoes, proceeding boldly down the sidewalk in her bare feet (bare but for one toe […]

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July 19th 2017

The little gray man buzzed as he spoke, the translator module affixed to his throat. “The universe, for all of its magnificence, is a place of chaos.” “I hear that,” Matt whispered, staring and wondering if he was dreaming. Moments ago, he’d been replacing rusted hardware on the Camp Mykennee picnic tables. “It is the […]

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June 23rd 2017

“I don’t see what is, I see what’s below the surface – what’s happening; that’s why I’m anxious,” he said softly. “I’m always watching worlds collide.” “So, you literally SEE things happening?” she asked carefully. “Yes – and unhappening. It’s hard to explain,” he said. “Like … visions? You see visions of the future?” she […]

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April 20th 2017

“They tease me,” he said, sitting down at the end of the dock. “They accuse me of slipping – in my mind and in my writing.” He trailed two fingers along the surface of the water. Moments later, glowing eyes appeared, looking up at him through the blue. “Today, my publisher asked me what he […]

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February 7th 2017

“What are YOU going to be when you grow up, Dora?” Mrs. Schultz asked sweetly. “An explorer – duh,” she replied to everyone’s delighted laughter. Mrs. Schultz gave her a thumbs up and moved on to ask Patrick and then Teresa. “Are you really going to be an explorer?” Ruiz whispered to Dora when the […]

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October 11th 2016

“This rare octopus, found in what I’ll call “impossibly deep” water, is a rarity,” the guide began. “It controls its phosphorescence, going bright and dark at will. We think this is a hunting mechanism, designed to make it appear invisible to prey until it’s upon them.” Someone in the crowd shuddered (one of the mothers); […]

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September 5th 2016

Herbert’s teacher looked up as Lisa sat down for their conference; the woman’s eyes were darkly ringed from lack of sleep. “I’m so glad you could make it so late in the day,” she said softly. Lisa could see that she was trembling. “Are you all right, Amber?” Lisa asked, reaching out to touch her […]

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May 5th 2016

When the portal opened, Cthulhu pointed. “Place some of the eggs in there; it’s an excellent temperature for incubation.” The sothoth hesitated, unsure. “It’s all right,” Cthulhu shrieked comfortingly, “we’ve used this place before – and one of the hatchlings patrols it for safety.” The sothoth undulated very carefully down to the edge of the […]

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April 16th 2016

He trudged into the kitchen and poured two cups of coffee, adding a pinch of sugar and milk to each, before returning quickly to the living room. Howard shuddered as he heard a strange sound – a rushing, popping, liquid sound, and relaxed in the silence that followed. His roommate went into the kitchen some […]

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