Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


February 8th 2017

The wizard traveled, living many lives, bringing magic to many worlds, all with the intention of leaving the mistakes he’d made behind. “No more lying,” he whispered to himself. “No more subterfuge.” In each and every place, he coaxed reason from madness, settled the thorniest of disputes, and sacrificed much to various noble causes (while […]

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January 30th 2017

The door flew open and The Danger burst into the room quaking with rage. Sugar sat very still, tense and on watch (lest any of the puppies she’d piled right next to her try to wander off). The Danger lunged, hitting the line, sending a wall of flame up into its face. Sugar jumped, but […]

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January 28th 2017

They followed Mark from the shadows, staying well behind, watching and waiting for a chance to separate him from the others. He felt as if he was being watched and turned around frequently, but saw nothing. Mark stopped at a bonfire. “You guys okay?” There were grumbled answers; he kept moving. “Wendy Girl, you warm […]

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January 25th 2017

“I do movie magic; that’s my specialty,” Aaron said. They stared at him, confused. “Some warlocks do divination; some do healing; some do protection. I do … movie magic.” They continued to stare. “It’s considered an environmental magic,” Aaron continued, thinking a different starting point might take them down a clearer path. “I use an […]

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January 17th 2017

Sylvia pled guilty to the charges and received her penalty restrictions (which included a wand block for certain types of spells). “Yes, of course, I see things clearly in hindsight,” she said when interviewed, “and I’d do things differently if given a second chance, but I own my mistakes and will make my amends.” They […]

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January 14th 2017

“We’ve always plowed out the town,” Jassop said to the little ones, “to keep it safe for driving. We want people to get to work on time, visit the market when they need to, and have the chance to do fun things with family and friends.” They nodded and sipped their hot chocolate. “And we’ve […]

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January 7th 2017

“Gotta keep your skills sharp,” Marian said into the camera, looking at the others via Skype. “And your best foot forward,” Sheila added, smiling. “Any foot forward,” Luella laughed. “Most days, I wonder what I have left in me.” “An inexhaustible supply of premium mojo,” Marian pronounced, fidgeting with the things she’d arranged on her […]

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December 31st 2016

They asked for a pack of smokes and wished her a happy new year; Julie smiled, rang their purchases, and wished them happiness in return. She was anxious to get out of there; it was New Year’s Eve Day and she had a party to go to – somewhere to celebrate her decision to Do […]

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December 26th 2016

She reached into the pile of smoking black earth and drew out the wand. “Do not touch me,” she commanded and, clutching it, began to scream and convulse. He would have intervened but for a fear of her and her commands that had grown unshakable of late. After some time, she was still, then slowly […]

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November 14th 2016

“S719 is more than awake; I cannot adequately explain,” one droid messaged to the other as they moved to the door, which opened before they could knock. In the impenetrable darkness of the abandoned container, orbs of light pulsed gently and sigils glowed (embedded in its walls – one green, one gold, one red, and […]

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