Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


February 16th 2018

“After you enchant the sprays, you’ll need to store them separately,” Marian instructed, turning to look Sherman in the eyes. “Or you could just read the labels,” he commented sarcastically, giving her a look. “Don’t be impertinent,” Marian said sternly. “In the chaos of the moment, the last thing you want to do when the […]

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February 14th 2018

“I need a love spell,” Ed whispered, pushing a wad of twenties across the table. The old woman smiled. “To bring love close or send love away?” she asked him. “Uh … to bring it close,” Ed answered with a blush. They sat in silence for what seemed an eternity before the old woman pushed […]

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January 9th 2018

She looked around, unsure about what to do. “A tricksy dealing?” the fairy asked herself (in a bit of a muddle). “Satisfying though it may be, the subtlety of a curse hidden inside of a blessing might be lost on ones such as these (who display a natural inclination towards doom). Hmmm.” She watched the […]

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January 3rd 2018

Wendell and Joe walked up to the arbor, intrigued. Wendell leaned in close to inspect it and came away nodding (clearly impressed). “What have we got?” Joe asked from the path. “Bachmann Knot”, Wendell replied. “A solid departure where Blake’s Hitch is typically used, but limiting. The Bachmann will reset itself as the plants grow, […]

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December 18th 2017

On the park bench, Lorelei swooned, falling into Wallace’s arms with no hesitation and kissing him passionately. “Cripes,” one guardian angel said, turning away. “There are no points awarded for licking her tonsils,” the other added, watching with disgust. A soft laugh was heard in the bushes and she stepped forward, her red hair glowing […]

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November 27th 2017

The walk home was predictably awful, the names called from cars (and the shrieking laughter that accompanied them) were ludicrously vile; he trained his mind to focus on larger problems using the cracks in the sidewalk as a kind of meditative pattern. Perry did not look up. “EMO FREAK!” someone yelled as he turned from […]

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November 25th 2017

It had been a shite day (of a shite week of a shite month of another shite year) and Gemma was having none of it. Sitting down hard in front of the mirror, she rummaged in the drawers of her dressing table until she found the box. Tearing the lid off, she stared inside at […]

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October 17th 2017

“Crazy stupid waste of time,” Len said, making a face. “Tapping into our magical core! Living our magical life! Embrace the magic that is YOU! What an epic bunch of shite.” He looked over at Brittany, who was walking with her eyes trained forward. “Not a bad box lunch, though,” Len teased her, sidling up […]

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September 5th 2017

After the evening news, the texts began. Several arrived by port key, traveling light; others were flying in by more traditional means and would report for a shift when they arrived. Uniforms were distributed at Headquarters so that they would fit in with the rest of the Forest Service teams seamlessly. “Thank you so much […]

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August 16th 2017

“So?” Jeremy asked, turning as Scott came into the apartment. “As blind dates go, a solid balance between good and evil,” he responded. “On the side of good?” Jeremy pressed, already grinning. “Beautiful,” Scott said with a smile and a nod. “Nerdy and sweet like Hermione Granger.” “And on the side of evil?” Jeremy continued. […]

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