Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


January 25th 2018

“Cripes, my life,” Ed said, rubbing his forehead. “It’s as if the whole show has been one step forward, six steps back, with a freaking documentary film crew hiding in the shadows to chronicle my live streaming failures.” Ann laughed, touching his arm to give comfort. “Okay, but keep in mind that a stealth film […]

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December 16th 2017

*LANGUAGE WARNING: use of raw slang terminology; reader discretion is advised* “You know that this isn’t going to end well, yes?” the Mirror asked rhetorically, sharing his viewpoint from the wall. She stared at him, her eyes cold. “I am required, through my enchantment, to provide you with the information you seek,” the Mirror continued, […]

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November 24th 2017

A door slammed open and Jessica jumped. “And here we go,” she whispered. “Just stay still,” Paul replied, taking her arm and pulling her back to stand flush against her cube wall. “It’ll blow over.” “It’s not going to just “blow over”,” Jessica replied. “In addition to going over Warren’s head to plead my case […]

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September 27th 2017

“In your new form, you will be invincible,” the emperor said softly. “The enforced frame will deliver pain medication through subdermal conduits; the circulatory mechanics will make you fast, strong, and impossibly focused. The active carbon matter casing will not interfere with channeling and using The Force.” Vader said nothing. “Do you have concerns? Questions […]

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April 14th 2017

“Are they all here in the warehouse?” Steve asked, marveling at the size of the place. “The haunted mirror? The singing mice? The dancing brooms?” Maeve laughed. “No, they’re not all here. This is just one building; there are several more – much like The Smithsonian.” “The grandmotherly teapot and the bumbling utensils? The flying […]

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January 25th 2017

“I do movie magic; that’s my specialty,” Aaron said. They stared at him, confused. “Some warlocks do divination; some do healing; some do protection. I do … movie magic.” They continued to stare. “It’s considered an environmental magic,” Aaron continued, thinking a different starting point might take them down a clearer path. “I use an […]

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January 3rd 2017

Henry looked at the clock; almost recess. “I am one with The Force; The Force is with me,” he repeated in his thoughts as he put his books away. The bell rang. “I am one with The Force; The Force is with me,” he whispered as he straightened his hoodie and joined the mass of […]

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July 25th 2016

Heather went once with her mom (who liked Melissa McCarthy best), once with her older cousin (who like Kristen Wiig best), and twice by herself to focus on Holtzmann (whoever that actress was). “I’m just going to have to buy the DVD when it comes out,” she whispered, mentally allocating all of her babysitting money […]

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July 9th 2016

“NERD ALERT!” the neighbor kids called out when they got a load of Malcolm leaving the house in his Jedi cosplay ensemble. “Say ‘hi’ to Darth Vader for us!” someone yelled. Malcolm smiled. “Darth Vader is dead. You must mean Kylo Ren,” he answered back cheerily. “Are you going to save us from the Empire?” […]

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March 17th 2016

“Mike! Mike!” Pat called from the kitchen first thing in the morning. Hearing an urgent tone, he stumbled into his robe and then into the kitchen. “What’s going on?” he asked, blinking and trying to put his glasses on. “You have to see this,” Pat said, standing in front of the sliding patio door, still […]

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