Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


August 2nd 2017

Mindy climbed into the duck blind carefully, setting her backpack down and pulling up the rope stairs behind her. She was grateful that she remembered where it was and that it was still in good shape. Mindy spread out her bedroll, unpacked the little solar-powered lantern (fully charged), the food and drink, and the stack […]

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May 30th 2017

“Earth, hold her fast, down in the mud.” “Air, blow her hair around her face, disorienting her.” “Fire, mess with the flames of the grill, so that everyone is distracted.” “Water, fill her lungs.” Esther whispered the call into the wet sand where she had drawn the symbols. Enid Schnaebel would eventually totter down to […]

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November 25th 2016

They spread out in the living room, each to a lounger, open spot on the couch, or pile of blankets on the floor. There were groans interlaced with happy sighs and the occasional voiced appreciation for tryptophan. “Honestly, I promise myself that I’ll rein it in every year,” said one resting reveler. “And, every year,” […]

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Night Out

October 10th 2016

“All right, then. We’re off. You two have fun!” Brent’s father said with a happy wave. “It typically takes about an hour to locate a victim,” Brent’s mother said from the hallway, getting her shoes on. “Then two solid hours of stalking, then the kill and cleanup. We’ll be home around midnight.” “No problem, Mrs. […]

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October 3rd 2016

“Our program uses biological markers and behavioral characteristics to form a criminal profile of the animal – in order to determine if they would commit murder,” Ladley said before the group. A hand shot up. “You said ‘murder’. Do you mean actual homicidal intent outside of the need to find food?” came the question. “Yes,” […]

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September 30th 2016

“Oh, man, these tomatoes are incredible,” Lawrence said, taking another bite. “It’s like summer never ended here!” Their hostess smiled. “We call those our ‘visiting tomatoes’,” she said. “Well, they are crazy fantastic,” Lawrence said again and Terri spoke up, “They really, really are. I think it’s amazing that you’d even cook with them for […]

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August 20th 2016

She sat up in bed, her hair a mad panic, unsteady and sighing. “You need more sleep,” he said softly. “My brain won’t shut up,” she replied, her eyes staring at the curtain as if she could see through the window beyond. “I don’t even know what I need.” “A team of deadly ninja assassins?” […]

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July 15th 2016

She was the very picture of concentration, her hands working at the canvas with precision and urgency. Herrick softly knocked. “I hesitate to disturb you, Madame, but I have your afternoon tea.” She raised her head, turned to look at him, and smiled in one fluid movement; so graceful was she. “Yes, please, come in,” […]

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Part Two: Watch

June 2nd 2016

Doug left the hand where he had found it – in the compost pile, in its biodegradable bag, lightly covered with leaves. “… family emergency,” he said, calling in to work, and then he settled with his coffee near the window, looking out into the backyard. There was no way to put the hand back […]

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June 1st 2016

Doug found the hand when he decided to turn the compost before showering for work. He would’ve dismissed it as a Halloween prop and tossed it, but for the fact that it was wrapped in plastic and wearing an Oyster Perpetual Day Date 40 Rolex – a watch he’d coveted for most of his adult […]

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