Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


February 9th 2018

It had been a good job – the kind that makes you feel important within the grand scheme of things. “Being a medical courier doesn’t sound like much, but think about it,” Matt said to the guys at the counter. “You’re at the airport to pick up a heart that’s moving from one chest into […]

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February 7th 2018

“Just come on,” Bill said, extending his hand. The portal glowed behind him, a swirling cloud of glittering yellow, blue, and green. “That had better be Narnia,” Sharlene said, taking his hand but not getting up. Bill pulled hard and brought her to her feet. “Whither thou goest, I will go,” he said, smiling. “Besides, […]

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January 10th 2018

An old man’s voice answered his knock. “May I help you?” “Winston Felty,” Clarence replied, “I know that you are responsible for healthcare in this country; I’ve come to meet with you and arrive at a solution to my situation.” A dry chuckle came back, followed by the sound of locks being undone. Clarence looked […]

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January 6th 2018

“She’s HOW OLD?” Henning asked, certain he’d misheard. “128,” Rasmussen responded smiling. “Okay, wait,” Henning said next (in disbelief), “Joe is 109; Mary Beth is 98; Elijah is 99 tomorrow; Callie Suzanne is 114 … you don’t have anybody in this wing who’s younger than 97 and they’re all fine!” “That’s right,” Rasmussen confirmed. “What […]

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December 8th 2017

In the quiet of the dawn, the pulse of the World Tree could be felt in the earth, strong and free. The oaks sighed, letting go of their worry; the pines swayed, standing tall and proud; the birch asked their rivers to dance. “We are more than roots and branches,” It whispered, filled with love. […]

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November 20th 2017

“I love these little towns,” the reporter said with a grin. “So much character. Even the name … Careful.” “Ayup,” the convenience store clerk said, being friendly. “Short for “Careful What You Wish For”.” “Are you kidding?” the reporter asked, delighted. “That is THE BEST!” He took several pictures of the ancient gas pumps and […]

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October 10th 2017

Bob washed his hands in the sink, glancing right and taking in the framed embroidery that hung there. While he looked, the flowers and butterflies seemed to rearrange themselves – every thread reaching for another to form words. “You’re going to be fine,” it said. Bob emerged from the bathroom shaking his head to clear […]

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September 29th 2017

“Do not stare into the dramas and tangles of life,” Hon Lek said to the novices. “Do not take on the habit of rushing at them or wrestling with them.” The room was silent. “They are not real,” he continued. “The question before you, in every situation, is: will you put your life force here? […]

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September 25th 2017

“The cat vomited in the living room,” he said, stepping into the kitchen doorway. “Finders, cleaners,” she said with a smirk, tossing him the paper towels and bending to open the cabinet under the sink to get the spray goo. “The cat has retched up what appears to be a tiny finger or small toe,” […]

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September 18th 2017

Malvos found Worth sitting in front of the wall of calculations, every space completely full, rubbing the chalk slowly between his thumb and forefinger. “Worth?” he asked gently. “You okay?” “Oh, yes, yes,” Worth replied, shaking his head and sitting up. “There’s no place to write anything even if you did have a new idea,” […]

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