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March 24th 2017

“Particles are separated here and attributed,” Ragland said. “Using genetic profiles to establish the physical parameters beforehand, we are able to parse the information into the categories of Known Matter and Unknown Matter.” “How dense are the boundaries?” Ingersoll interjected. “Uniformly distinct, but not dense,” Ragland replied. “The printout that you have reports our outcomes […]

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March 10th 2017

“You came!” he cried out, delighted. “After everything … I didn’t think you would.” She sat down and looked up at him, smiling sweetly. “I just … well, first things first: would you like a drink?” She shook her head ‘no’. “Okay, well don’t go anywhere; I’ll be right back!” he said happily (heading to […]

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March 3rd 2017

“Any vacation that starts with ‘It’ll be fine and it’s what we can afford’ is already lame,” she said flatly to the others (standing on the curb, waiting for the Uber driver). The three of them sighed. “Don’t jinx it; there’s still hope,” Fred responded (unconvincingly). “Here he is.” In the distance, headlights came into […]

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January 5th 2017

“Stealth tea!” Madame exclaimed, her smile warm and her eyes bright as she watched Herrick move about the service cart without saying a word. He grinned and nodded at her as he placed a tray of tea cakes upon the table, then prepared her cup. Two sugars. “A new year, dear Herrick,” Madame said softly. […]

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December 13th 2016

“Dante, man, he was a TRIP,” the demon said, breathing fire onto the top of its martini. “He goes on a bender, passes out, sees a couple of things, publishes a book, and we’re still digging out from that hot mess.” “Like how?” the other demon said, stirring its glass and wishing it’d gone with […]

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December 9th 2016

Jim sat in his car, not sure why he couldn’t turn it off and get out. Holiday music blared on the lot and lights twinkled, strung into a makeshift awning. “So many trees,” Jim whispered, hands still gripping the wheel tightly. “Doesn’t the forest miss all of its trees?” Someone banged on his car; Jim […]

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December 7th 2016

Billy trudged through the living room in his footie pajamas half awake. “Billy?” his mother asked gently, not wanting to startle him, but curious. Outside, the wind howled, flinging snow against the windows and sending it coiling out into the darkness. “The wind,” Billy whispered, moving to the door. “Billy, don’t!” she called out, rising […]

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November 26th 2016

“I’ll be out most of the day; I’m going to the temple to visit with Karma.” Ravi slipped the messenger bag over his head and grabbed his keys. “Wait,” Avni said. “Karma requested a meeting?” “No, I did,” he replied. “I just want to make sure she’s not feeling overwhelmed right now. Kind of a […]

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November 22nd 2016

When the Oracle stirred, it moved through Bud Hamm down at the Swedish Center (at the Sons of Scandinavia Tuesday Coffee). “When your longing refines itself, and you have a word for the dream at last,” it said, “set your course of action.” They stared at him (Knut, Mike, Earl and the others). “It is […]

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October 28th 2016

At the party, Greg was the center of attention – sophisticated and handsome, mysterious and romantic. “Wow, man, that tux is boss,” Mel said, passing him on her way to the snack buffet. He smiled and nodded, his Phantom’s mask shifting only slightly. Two of the dates that had arrived with other guys slipped him […]

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