Tansy Undercrypt
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May 8th 2017

“The mines closed recently as a result of the last cave-in; 27 miners in the east vault lost their lives,” the tour guide said. “Recently?” Joel asked, tipping his head slightly to one side. “What year is it?” “It’s 1938,” the tour guide slowly responded, getting hazy around the edges. “It’s 2017,” Joel said quietly […]

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March 27th 2017

Phil cared for every animal dumped out at the junkyard. He tended to their injuries (that first aid class at the community college had always come in handy), kept them safe (made warm and comfortable shelters out of scraps of this and that, heated with a caged lamp insert that he ran minimally off of […]

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January 24th 2017

15D57 lost both legs in the first robot war (holding the line for the defense of Chicago); a rolling apparatus was welded on for continuance. The arm that was damaged in the second wave was replaced with a refurbished grappling appliance that was significantly shorter than the original limb. Upon receiving the impact that would […]

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December 24th 2016

“That’s right, Honey,” the Spirit of Christmas Possible said into her ear. “You’ve always had the goods. Dry those tears and slap a little red lipstick on; you’re ready to break a few hearts!” The woman in the mirror sat up tall, put her shoulders back, and searched her makeup bag for the most wanton […]

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December 22nd 2016

David brushed off everybody’s thanks, shooing them out of the door and wishing them a merry-happy-whatever-you-celebrate. He rubbed his hands and got to work putting blankets and pillows in the common room, placing bowls of water in all four corners, setting out a zillion toys, and filling every pocket (pants, shirt, jacket) with treats. Humming […]

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April 28th 2016

Things had been going wrong in that family for a long, long time. Now, inching closer, Mr. Rabies could see that Shelby was crying in her bedroom and a lock had been installed on the outside of the house to keep her in. He leaned far away from the tree branch and tapped on the […]

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March 14th 2016

“The game changed when we found out that the knockoff Botox in this area contained reptilian DNA,” Carson told the media. “It made everything more complicated.” “How so?” someone asked. “Well, we needed a game plan for gaining access and had to use extra safety precautions entering the homes, because .. well, these people were […]

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January 26th 2016

The monster, alive in the frozen wastes (if you can call such a creature “alive”), garnered the trust of the animals who survived there – those things of like mind that were focused on survival against all odds. It could not love them, its heart (that traitor in its chest) long given over to despair, […]

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November 17th 2015

“I was 74 when I helped myself out of a sticky situation,” Arletta said, pulling the top off of her blueberry muffin to eat it first. “Someone was gonna make a real mistake with their life and use me to help ’em. Couldn’t have that.” The strangers smiled and nodded politely, waiting to have their […]

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November 10th 2015

“He was mean to me again today,” Mr. Cuddles said sullenly. “What happened?” asked the Monster Under The Bed, concerned. “You know the drill: tail pulling, tossing, yelling when I scratched him, no breakfast; same old same old,” Mr. Cuddles said with an eye roll. “Here,” said the Monster Under The Bed, pushing a half-open […]

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