Tansy Undercrypt
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January 12th 2017

“It took a long time for me to trust you,” Sarah had written, “but your warmth and charm won me over. Even though you’ve decided to end our relationship, I think your love for and belief in people has forever changed me.” He paused a moment to smile. “At the very least, I’ll read the […]

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November 19th 2016

“And as you open your eyes, breathing normally, move as you feel inspired to move and come into a seated position if that’s not too uncomfortable for you,” the instructor said. The participants sat up slowly, stretching and blinking. “Does anyone want to share what they learned from talking to their needs today?” “Well, I […]

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June 13th 2016

He began to stir, already healing from the damage, and someone yelled that they’d found a “survivor”. The word was curious to him as he could not identify with it; death was no nearer to him on that day than it had been on any other since the change. “I can stand,” he said to […]

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April 5th 2016

She yelled at him from the house, giving him directions … supervising his work. He had manicured a spot in the yard exactly to her liking (everything he did had to be done exactly to her liking) and now she was excited about an afternoon of reading in the sun. “Spread the sunning quilt out […]

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March 16th 2016

“It’ll get to the point where you’ll wonder if we’re doing our job,” Pitch said, lacing his fingers together. “Their life will be so good and seemingly so blessed that you’ll despair.” “Everyone does,” Fost added. “But the entire point is to position the target as high as we possibly can,” Pitch continued, “so that […]

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February 26th 2016

“I know, I know, he treats me like garbage,” she told them. “And I know that I should leave.” They all nodded. “Honestly, ” one said, shaking their head, “I don’t know why you’ve stayed this long.” “Well, mostly, it’s because he finds me so irritating. I’m really getting into annoying him all day every […]

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December 8th 2015

Chloe stood where instructed behind the curtain and told her story into the mic with a clear, strong voice: what wrong had been done to her, when, and by whom. She pledged a bit of money (with apologies that it couldn’t be more) and a homemade cherry pie. Afterwards, she thanked the listeners and stepped […]

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June 17th 2015

Dorothy smiled and she tracked how many smiled back. Most of the time, people were friendly, apologetic if there was a problem, helpful if someone needed it. “Heyup,” she said to a man who didn’t even look up and her eyes darkened. There were days like today, however, where no one could be bothered – […]

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June 2nd 2015

The man who took the stage was their age, but much cooler. He had a Steve Jobs kind of CEO thing about him, powerful yet casual. “Oh, Jesus,” Barnett said, throwing an elbow against Thompson. “Do you know who that is?” “The head of Cosmic Vision?” Thompson whispered, trying to hear. “That’s McCoy … from […]

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March 20th 2015

The various pieces and parts of the monster sat in their respective tanks and jars on a Friday night, pre-assembly, trying to get to know each other a little better. The stomach grumbled, as it always did, and the limbs just kind of flailed around the various topics, but the head was bright and cheery, […]

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