Tansy Undercrypt
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May 19th 2017

He stared at her (shyly, intermittently) as she rang up his order. She was surprisingly elegant, her hands moving seamlessly from item to scanner to bag (in a kind of retail ballet). “$54.62,” she said, smiling, and he blushed (fumbling to put his card in the machine). “You make it all look so easy,” he […]

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May 15th 2017

She hit “Send” and sighed. This was hard (much harder than she thought) and it was getting old. “Maybe no more personals ads,” she said to herself. “I’m just not meeting the right kind of people.” She poured milk onto her cereal and sat down to eat it. “Same thing every time,” she whispered. “It […]

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February 24th 2017

“He was smooth as glass – smooth as anything,” Nancy said dreamily. Robin sighed, thinking that Nancy (and every other female on the planet) had all of the luck. “And then he slipped a Rufi into my drink,” Nancy concluded. “WHAT?!? He did what?!?” Robin reacted, horrified. “I KNOW,” Nancy laughed. “My gawd! Did anything […]

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February 13th 2017

Robert’s car pulled up and idled at the end of the driveway. He got out and stared at the house for a moment, then placed a bouquet of roses on the cement. “Oh, no! Have you two broken up?” Fran asked Sheila (after he’d driven away). “Not exactly, but sort of,” Sheila responded, sipping her […]

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October 28th 2016

At the party, Greg was the center of attention – sophisticated and handsome, mysterious and romantic. “Wow, man, that tux is boss,” Mel said, passing him on her way to the snack buffet. He smiled and nodded, his Phantom’s mask shifting only slightly. Two of the dates that had arrived with other guys slipped him […]

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October 17th 2016

When the northernmost delegation was introduced, a hush fell over the crowd. “My God,” Robin whispered, “what are those?” Standing over 7 feet tall, the Arctic werewolves strode in, silver hair to their shoulders, fur cloaks held at the collar by a leather and bone clasp, orange eyes blazing. “It’s like something out of a […]

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September 16th 2016

“I think we’re going places,” he said, looking deeply into her eyes. “I think we have a future.” She smiled at him and reached into her purse. “Let’s see if you’re right,” she said, pulling out her crystal ball (which glowed a soft blue green in the pale dashboard light). He froze and her smile […]

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August 20th 2016

She sat up in bed, her hair a mad panic, unsteady and sighing. “You need more sleep,” he said softly. “My brain won’t shut up,” she replied, her eyes staring at the curtain as if she could see through the window beyond. “I don’t even know what I need.” “A team of deadly ninja assassins?” […]

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June 25th 2016

“You either don’t ever get involved or you use this,” L said, holding up the thingie. “Dude,” R responded, “you know that’s unauthorized use of Men In Black equipment for personal reasons.” “I know,” L said. “And you can’t just blot yourself from someone’s mind because the romance didn’t work out. That makes you – […]

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February 12th 2016

“I don’t know,” Ryan said. “I don’t know if starting something would be the best idea I ever had or a complete catastrophe.” “It’ll be both,” Matt replied, a smile playing at the corner of his mouth. “Love is always both.” “Part sweeping saga,” Ryan started with a sigh. “… and part zombie apocalypse,” Matt […]

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