Tansy Undercrypt
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July 20th 2017

“There is a kind of seduction in numbers – a wholeness that is everything it could possibly be … and yet … ,” Waters said quietly. “There remains an infinite landscape of exploration, a way of courting a different outcome, urging a deep union of disparate ideas.” The room was silent. “We move into position […]

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June 14th 2017

Mrs. Hornath looked around nervously. “Leslie Kingman? Is Leslie here?” Leslie stepped forward. “I’m here, Mrs. Hornath.” She was elegantly dressed in a grey satin gown with her hair in loose curls about her head. “You look lovely, my dear,” Mrs. Hornath said. “Really lovely.” “Thank you,” Leslie replied, smiling. “Is it okay if I […]

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February 7th 2017

“What are YOU going to be when you grow up, Dora?” Mrs. Schultz asked sweetly. “An explorer – duh,” she replied to everyone’s delighted laughter. Mrs. Schultz gave her a thumbs up and moved on to ask Patrick and then Teresa. “Are you really going to be an explorer?” Ruiz whispered to Dora when the […]

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February 4th 2017

“The transformation is not romantic,” Warren told the newbies (who were hanging on his every word), “and you will not have omnipotent power. The full moon does not beam your sorry behind into a high budget Hollywood film. Your bones will break; your cartilage will explode in order to reconfigure; your skin will shred; it […]

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November 10th 2016

Mario sat reading in the small park next to the school, arms propped up on pillows, legs and feet wrapped in a flannel quilt. It was irresistible. Ramon and Wong stole up behind him silently, and Irina positioned herself off to the side to capture it on camera. They reached the wheelchair at the same […]

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October 20th 2016

“I was thinking of taking heavy philosophy and rhetoric the first year – get right into it,” Johnson said, leaning forward excitedly. “We are aware of your aspirations to bureaucracy and in no way wish to hinder you, although you tested low on the Greek and Latin language competencies necessary to “get right into it” […]

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September 5th 2016

Herbert’s teacher looked up as Lisa sat down for their conference; the woman’s eyes were darkly ringed from lack of sleep. “I’m so glad you could make it so late in the day,” she said softly. Lisa could see that she was trembling. “Are you all right, Amber?” Lisa asked, reaching out to touch her […]

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July 27th 2016

Pauline put her hands in her lap under her desk and interlaced them tightly so that no one would see them shake. She was close to tears, so she tipped her head down slightly and attempted to breathe deeply and get control. “Center, center,” she repeated gently to herself. She was tired of the name-calling […]

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June 17th 2016

As part of their work on adjectives and adverbs, Mr. Gorman told his second grade class to pick one that started with the first letter of their names. There was Horrible Henry, Quentin Quickly, Amazing Alice, and Stupid Stan (who was encouraged to find something more positive). “What about Fictional Fred?” asked Wistful Wanda, who […]

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May 24th 2016

Phil showed up at the school with the camera crew in tow, ready to thank everyone and get the interviews going. “Freaking hilarious!” he said in the van. “I offered a community education class on “Hiding The Body” and a bunch of people signed up for $25 per person! This is film school gold, man!” […]

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