Tansy Undercrypt
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May 5th 2017

“Two cups of truth,” Ella ordered at the counter. “Have you had a cup of truth before?” asked the barista carefully. “Yep,” Ella confirmed, “and it’s time for my brother to have his first.” The barista nodded and turned to pour. Back at the table, Ella checked the side of her cup and smiled. “Did […]

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March 17th 2017

They watched him mesmerize the girl, her eyes growing wide and then soft and unfocused. He leaned in tenderly to put his lips against her throat. “You see that my hands rest gently on her shoulders, neither clutching nor dragging her closer to me,” Dracula said aloud. “I do not need her body to balance […]

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March 15th 2017

“They’re so serious,” the caterer whispered to Alfred. “You’ll find a note of sarcasm and some good-natured ribbing here and there but, yes, quite serious on the whole,” Alfred replied. “I guess … I guess I expected that, when they all got together, there’d be more stories and laughter,” the caterer continued. Alfred chuckled and […]

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January 18th 2017

Dante stopped the angel between the third and fourth circle of Hell, pointing out a large area of smoke and shadow, bustling with activity, just off to the side. “That’s lay-away,” the angel explained. “So many work at tailoring their life’s misery to a level of suffering bordering on torment. They dig deeper into their […]

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November 4th 2016

“I … I don’t understand. Are you trying to buy my soul?” Steven asked, looking away from the demon’s horrible stare. It laughed. “No, no – absolutely not; I suspect we already have it,” it answered. “I’m actually here to recruit you early. Give you some tasks. Maximize the potential we see in you.” “You […]

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September 12th 2016

“It was our work in the smaller towns – the border towns – that led us to the discovery. Control teams were able to quickly round up the infected in one outreach and herd them into the local hockey arena,” Carson began. “The cold kept them relatively passive and slow-moving. We were able to start […]

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August 25th 2016

Ella told Sarah that she was to stop farting around about changing her life and get on the damn dime. “Dump him already!” she said, taking the girl’s hand. “Move already!” Later that same day, Ella told Jeremy to stop lying to himself and quit being a little shit. “You’re not the first one in […]

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May 26th 2016

Susan finished her reply and sent it off. She answered all of her fan mail personally (although she signed her responses as “Simone”), and typically got a lot of email when the last chapters of the audiobook were released and the work was done. “It’s so beautiful,” Susan had said to her agent earlier in […]

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April 12th 2016

“I can’t even believe I’m saying this,” Laura began, hesitating. “Take your time,” replied the therapist. “Bill is haunting me,” Laura said, releasing a deep breath. “Okay,” the therapist commented. “Tell me about that.” “The illness was hard, the death was harder, and now he’s turning the television on, switching it to his favorite shows, […]

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February 1st 2016

“The stories were actually written by Herbert West,” Professor Langston said, “who was not a mad scientist, but a groundskeeper for Arkham public parks.” The audience grumbled. “Mr. West saw a great many unexplainable phenomena during his tenure and used his untapped genius to spin the stories into some kind of cohesion – the mythos […]

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