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February 22nd 2018

“An impeccable transformation,” the first announcer said as the music started. “The Romanians continue to dominate the sport and Cruczik is the one to beat for the free flight routine,” the second added. “Perfect pacing; not rushing the full extension on the turn,” said the first. “OH! Brilliant full wing sweep and double twist!” exclaimed […]

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February 5th 2018

“Dude, you’re hardcore,” Stan said, pausing in the hallway, pointing to the hanging sit-up bar installed in one corner of the bedroom. “Start the day with crunches! I totally need one of those.” He reached back to high five Mylos, who hesitated, looking surprised. “Yes,” he added awkwardly. “Sit-ups first thing in the morning.” “BOOM, […]

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October 26th 2017

He ranted on and on and on; they squirmed in their seats, not making eye contact and not commenting (because that never went well). “And you and you and you … ,” he blasted them, pointing from one person to the next. “Worst boss ever,” Helen texted. “Worst HUMAN ever,” Don texted back. Lindsey stood […]

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October 6th 2017

“Well, like we talked about last week, I’m trying to channel my nervous energy into constructive projects,” the nosferatu said, its eyes shining yellow in the candlelight. The others in the circle nodded to be encouraging. “So I’m already working on my Halloween costume,” it added. Those creatures with eyes exchanged glances. “What are you […]

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August 30th 2017

She knocked on the lid and, when he rose (with his clothing rumpled and his hair a mess), she kissed him tenderly on the cheek and held out her hand (leading him to breakfast). “Happy birthday,” she said, putting the bag of blood before him (she had drawn a smiley face with fangs upon it […]

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August 24th 2017

Mike begged off of going out to lunch with everyone, putting an irritated face on his decision to remain behind because of deadlines. After they’d gone, Mike stole out to his car (parked in full shade) and laid down in the back seat with a couple of blood bags from the cooler. For so long, […]

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July 7th 2017

His laughter (so rare) filled every room and corridor. The others froze, wondering what to make of it. Running as fast as he could, Renfield arrived – breathless – in the great hall and quickly bent down upon one knee. “Master!” he cried. “Master, what is it?!?” Dracula wiped the blood tears from his eyes […]

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June 21st 2017

Shadows materialized by the gate and the security guard opened it promptly. “Good evening! Safe travels?” Barlow inquired. They nodded, yellow eyes glowing softly in the darkness. He extended a small glass of red liquid to each of them. “To refresh you,” Barlow said, turning and spreading his arms expansively. “Welcome to the Sunset Palms […]

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May 1st 2017

“Son of a … ,” the captain muttered when he entered the tent and saw the bodies. “Please tell me these guys aren’t anybody.” Leroy shook his head and pointed. “This one’s Sunday test crew; the other is one of 5 backup singers for that symphonic reggae band.” “Good,” the captain replied. He stepped forward, […]

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April 29th 2017

Larry and Beth sat snuggled on a park bench watching the stars come out. “This is beautiful,” she whispered, laying her head against his chest. “You’re beautiful,” he added, kissing her forehead. “It takes me back, you know?” she said, looking up at him and smiling. “Ah, youth,” he replied, nodding. “It’s NOT wasted on […]

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