Tansy Undercrypt
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March 8th 2018

“As I’ve said before,” Wrath began, “4 of us get a raw deal. Lousy working conditions, little to no support, zero recognition. What’s being done about it?” “Who are you representing?” the supervisor inquired. “Aside from myself, Pride, Envy, and Greed. Wherever we go, Gluttony and Sloth are happy as clams and – let’s face […]

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March 6th 2018

“I’m giving my notice,” Death said, pushing a piece of parchment across the angel’s desk. “Uh … okay,” the angel replied, surprised, “but … you’re Death. I … um … I’m not entirely sure Death can resign.” “I know that I’ve been here for a long time,” Death said, nodding, “but I haven’t been here […]

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February 10th 2018

“You’re … her?” Paula asked. “If, by “her”, you mean the Spirit of Revenge, then yes,” Ava replied, smiling. “Wow,” Paula said, suddenly self-conscious. “Sit down, sweet cheeks; you talk, I’ll pour, and we’ll get to a plan,” Ava added, moving things along. “I’m a busy little agent of consequence these days.” “Sure … sorry,” […]

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February 9th 2018

It had been a good job – the kind that makes you feel important within the grand scheme of things. “Being a medical courier doesn’t sound like much, but think about it,” Matt said to the guys at the counter. “You’re at the airport to pick up a heart that’s moving from one chest into […]

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February 3rd 2018

“The counter is like a confessional. People can’t wait to tell you who they really are,” Perry said, smirking. Lily smiled nervously as the first patron stepped forward. “Oh, what do I want?” she said. “Hmmm. Sorry. I just … I don’t know … ummm … Sorry, I should’ve been ready.” Perry grinned broadly and […]

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January 8th 2018

“How’s it going?” Devon asked, reaching for the coffee pot. “Another day, another dollar in the pocket of the galactic overlords,” James responded, looking up from his phone with a shrug and a grin. Devon laughed. “Too right,” he agreed, heading back to his desk. “Later!” Behind the one-way glass disguised as a cork board […]

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December 30th 2017

Tara stayed in her car, breathing deeply; she felt him drive the last few blocks and pull up across the street. The feed was frightening (painpainhatreddangerpaindyinghatredpain), but she did not move from where she was parked. “Is he back?” came the voice on speaker. “Yes,” Tara replied. “Every Saturday morning like clockwork. Really scary clockwork.” […]

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November 24th 2017

A door slammed open and Jessica jumped. “And here we go,” she whispered. “Just stay still,” Paul replied, taking her arm and pulling her back to stand flush against her cube wall. “It’ll blow over.” “It’s not going to just “blow over”,” Jessica replied. “In addition to going over Warren’s head to plead my case […]

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October 28th 2017

Wonder Woman landed a punch to his jaw and then kicked him hard in the solar plexus (a stylish combo the others felt sure could redefine “ass kicking” for generations to come). He reeled backwards, spinning to the ground, grabbing at the air. She moved quickly, tying him up with rope. Once immobile, she lifted […]

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October 26th 2017

He ranted on and on and on; they squirmed in their seats, not making eye contact and not commenting (because that never went well). “And you and you and you … ,” he blasted them, pointing from one person to the next. “Worst boss ever,” Helen texted. “Worst HUMAN ever,” Don texted back. Lindsey stood […]

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