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January 23rd 2017

“I think we’ve made tremendous progress on the ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ stereotype; there’s growing societal acceptance,” Snowball said. “Yes, I agree,” Mr. Tibbets added, addressing the room. “I applaud Engineering’s continuing good work on baselining the quality of the simulacra!” “But how are we doing in terms of social media?” Fancy asked, shaking her right […]

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December 31st 2016

They asked for a pack of smokes and wished her a happy new year; Julie smiled, rang their purchases, and wished them happiness in return. She was anxious to get out of there; it was New Year’s Eve Day and she had a party to go to – somewhere to celebrate her decision to Do […]

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December 27th 2016

He walked into the break room, feeling their eyes set upon him. All talking ceased. He sighed heavily, hanging up his cloak and putting the scythe in its special stand. “It’s not my fault,” Death said quietly. They were glaring, burning holes into his back as if he’d gone to Hell’s break room by mistake. […]

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December 6th 2016

She clomped in, hooves sparking against the cold stone, and dropped into a chair in the lobby. “Woah,” Spike reacted. “You’re in a mood.” Her tail flicked and her eyes flashed angrily. “You make one mistake,” she said (without going further). “Here to see the boss?” he asked and she nodded. “I been here loads […]

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December 2nd 2016

She moved methodically from one common area to the next (for she was no thief). Into the stack of envelopes she held in her left hand, she sorted individual hairs, plastic spoons, business cards, scribbles on napkins, and teeth-marked pens. Wedged between the garbage bin and wall was a small Tupperware container; no one had […]

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December 1st 2016

“You seem to really like your job,” Karen said, acting a little surprised. “I do,” Pete responded. “There’s a lot of variety and independence.” “Okay, but … ,” Karen continued, “I’m sorry, but … the mailroom? That’s your happy place?” Pete laughed. “Oh, it’s not a mailroom. When they’re looking at “streamlining some processes”, it’s […]

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PART TWO: Teaching Some People Some Manners

October 30th 2016

The cops never did question her about the boy and Clara did not spend her time on worry and guilt. By the time a room was prepared for her at the memory care center, she had corrected the neighbor’s tendency to throw his cigarette butts in his yard, demonstrated exactly why today’s youth should give […]

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October 28th 2016

At the party, Greg was the center of attention – sophisticated and handsome, mysterious and romantic. “Wow, man, that tux is boss,” Mel said, passing him on her way to the snack buffet. He smiled and nodded, his Phantom’s mask shifting only slightly. Two of the dates that had arrived with other guys slipped him […]

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October 26th 2016

Bradley sat down and stared at the stack of papers in front of him. “Best get to it; thanks,” he said, releasing Monica from their conversation; she left and shut the door behind her. Bradley breathed out onto the stack of applications, possibly four inches deep; nothing in the first bunch. He sighed, setting fifty […]

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September 19th 2016

“You’ve held a lot of the same types of jobs, but not in the same industry; can you speak to that?” Forbes asked her. “Well,” Mary replied, “consistency is key – pairing level of commitment with a methodology that is proven. Ideally, you hone your skills across disciplines … or they stagnate. That’s the approach […]

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