Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


January 30th 2018

“I died from the flu a couple of weeks ago,” Harry said, tucking into his lunch, “although I only found out last Friday.” The others exchanged looks and nodded. “Is it weird?” someone asked. “Yes and no,” Harry answered with no hesitation. “I mean, on the one hand, I wasn’t even aware that I had […]

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January 11th 2018

From the safety of the treehouse, Lynda ran a kind of non-stop zombie dance party across the lawn below. Using the solar generator to power her boom box, she ran a series of trials to determine what affect music had on the shambling dead. “Definitely slowing down for ambient,” she reported via Morse code to […]

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November 6th 2017

“I have so much homework that I will never get it all done,” Lila said, sitting down at the table with a groan. “I’m going to fail the English Lit test.” “Preach,” Abby replied. “I spent my whole weekend doing chores and never even got to the piles of homework. I hate my life!” Kevin […]

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October 2nd 2017

The zombie plague, when it arrived, failed to deliver the long awaited apocalypse. Hard to transmit and, therefore, slow to spread, scientists had plenty of time to develop a vaccine that effectively prevented infection in population-dense areas. In the rural communities, no one was forced to board up windows or shoot anyone in the head. […]

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September 26th 2017

“You did the homework ahead of time?” Debbie asked in disbelief. “For the year – yep,” Sean answered. “For the year,” Debbie said flatly. “Yep,” Sean answered. “Having a syllabus makes it a breeze; the teacher just pulls key concepts from the book, so if you read the book, you’re 75% done. I imagine that […]

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July 15th 2017

From “A to Z is for Zombies”, published 2021 (Global Reaction World Press/Western Region 1): Clive, Clive Crocodile; C is the letter that curves like his smile. Moving slowly towards the beach 
Where hundreds of zombies are within reach. Clive, Clive Crocodile Swims quietly (stealth takes a while) Until he picks a target snack And […]

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April 22nd 2017

“Well, we can sit here and just wait for the zombies to find a way in (maybe starving to death beforehand), or we can risk it – getting swarmed and torn apart on our way to what’s left of the grocery store,” Peter said with a sigh. “We can rest here in comfort and safety […]

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March 8th 2017

Mel came through the door silently, then threw the dog into the living room. “You little shit, you’re going to get us killed.” He carefully divested himself of his protective gear, gun, and backpack. “One of these days, I’m just going to leave you outside, have a beer, and yell, “Bye bye, Snack!” through the […]

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February 25th 2017

They moved very quickly, on high alert, out to the garage. Once inside, Shelby moved to the back and dragged the sheet off of his project. “An armored car,” his dad whispered. “Two layers of reinforced scrap metal sheeting with an inch between for the air system (4 hoses attached from this outside intake mount). […]

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February 16th 2017

At the gravesite, they salted the earth and marked the gravestone with an extra coffin nail to show they’d applied precautions. Frank looked away and was comforted by Dot’s sister, cousin, and two friends from work. “I’m fine,” he told them. “I understand that it wouldn’t be my Dot that came back. I’m okay.” Late […]

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