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August 17th 2017 in Microfiction

“I keep having that dream – the one about the shadow people,” Sarah said into the phone. “I’m sure it’s because work has been so stressful.” “Shadow people?” Lisa asked, intrigued. “Yeah,” Sarah responded. “Just silhouettes of people … black on black, no features. They lurk and hover; some get close enough to interact, but […]

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August 16th 2017

“So?” Jeremy asked, turning as Scott came into the apartment. “As blind dates go, a solid balance between good and evil,” he responded. “On the side of good?” Jeremy pressed, already grinning. “Beautiful,” Scott said with a smile and a nod. “Nerdy and sweet like Hermione Granger.” “And on the side of evil?” Jeremy continued. […]

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August 15th 2017

When the meeting ended, Cecelia fled the building and rushed to the edge of the parking lot to sit down in the cool breeze. “Gawd, I hate my life,” she muttered under her breath, her body suddenly covered with sweat and shaking. She laid back on the lawn, trying to concentrate on her breath and […]

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August 14th 2017

“Anyone else want to share?” the Night Therapist gently prodded. Frankenstein’s monster drew a deep breath and leaned forward. “Tried to be social over the weekend,” it said chewing its bottom lip (causing the lip to detach slightly at the corner). “Went to the grocery store; went to a neighborhood park for a concert; went […]

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Diary Pages: Mary Bradbury Perkins

August 13th 2017

Salem has gone mad. John has been accused and I am convicted without arrest or trial as his wife (as all women are assumed to be directly under the influence of Satan). We sit here, strangely at ease, wondering if they intend to execute us separately or together (burning or drowning for me, crushing for […]

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August 12th 2017

“It’s just … really hard to fit in,” he said, looking down at his lap. “Sometimes, being an outsider gives you a broader perspective on the world,” the guidance counselor said gently. “It’s not a bad thing.” “But I don’t … have any friends,” he said, pained. “You have yourself, and coming to terms with […]

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August 11th 2017

He stared at the new recruits, his eyes blazing; they shuddered involuntarily, refused to meet his gaze. He ranted for several moments in long dead languages, then turned into a horrible creature with expansive leathery wings and flung himself mercilessly against the stone walls of the great hall. They gasped and clung to each other, […]

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August 10th 2017

“Some write from the richness of their lives; I write from lack.” Stoddard held the page close to his readers, balanced carefully in his gloved hands. “I write of things I do not know now and fear I will never know: wealth, security, and robust physical health.” “Wow,” Stoddard said, not looking up. “Just wait,” […]

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August 9th 2017

Travis stepped out of the front door with his bag, waving to the others in the car. “Sweet Jesus, what is he wearing?” Leon muttered. “The Skittles rainbow, apparently,” Catherine smirked. “How many years do you have to spend on this planet to assimilate into a nice, neutral palette?” Mark commented. Travis fumbled with his […]

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